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Five Street Art circuits in Paris Region

Art is not only enjoyed inside museums... Discover the local street art scene of Paris and its region.

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Paris has established itself as one of the world capitals of street art with pioneers such as stencil specialist Blek Le Rat, Jerome Mesnager and his "White Man," or Invader and his pixellated mosaics. Today, the big names of urban art, including JR, Miss.Tic, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, or Shepard Fairey, invade the streets of the capital and its suburbs, shaking up the landscape with their coloured spray cans. Numerous tours allow you to explore the neighbourhoods where street art reigns.

Urban canal

To the north of Paris, between the Stade de France and the Parc de la Villette, the Canal Saint-Denis has seen strange coloured frescoes flourish along its banks. Launched on the occasion of the UEFAEuro 2016 soccer championship, the Street Art Avenue project invites artists and collectives to hijack the urban landscape. With family or friends, you can discover fifteen monumental murals installed in places as astonishing as the pillars of the A86 motorway or the Cemex cement silos, complemented by tags, collages, and stencils. Guided visits and mini cruises on the canal are offered by the Plaine Commune Tourist Office - Grand Paris, by reservation.

  Maisant  %252F Hemis %252F CRT Paris Ile-de-France

Paris Belleville

Works by pioneering French street artists succeed each other in Belleville and, across the river, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Play at being an urban explorer, guided by a graffiti specialist, for the duration of a treasure hunt style guided tour offered by ParisCityVision, in English or French. You won't miss a single spot, from Belleville's Rue Denoyez and its graffiti covered walls, to the 13th arrondissement's monumental murals, between the Place d'Italie and the banks of the Seine.


Since Christian Guémy, the **famous street artist known as C215, installed his studio there in 2007, the streets of Vitry-sur-Seine, have become a living manifesto of the street art scene. South of Paris, on the other side of the ring road, the suburb is today an immense open-air museum for the internationally renowned artists Cope2, Bébar and also Finbarr. Val-de-Marne Tourisme & Loisirs gives you the opportunity to discover Vitry's graffiti treasures via three different formulas: after work with the association Vitry'N Urbaine; combining a street art tour and initiation to photography; or by simply wandering the streets of the town center.

Vitry A.Laurin %252F CRT Paris Ile-de-France

Central Paris

A museum for street art is Art42's novel concept, the first free and permanent museum devoted to street art. On the premises of the 42 school, near Porte de Clichy, this unique museum exhibits over 150 works by Banksy, Jef Aérosol, Madame, and many others. It makes for an original way to get acquainted with the history of street art and to understand its codes before taking off in the footsteps of these famous artists.

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Connected explorations

Street art fans now have their own mobile app. " My Paris Street Art" creates an interactive and participative map of the street art spots of the moment, including photos and virtual tours. Join the community and, with your phone in hand, stay tuned to post your most beautiful photos!

More DIY than photography, Street Art Paris offers graffiti workshops in French and English, on reservation, on the first Sunday of every month, hosted by genuine Parisian artists. You will be able to put into practice the techniques you learned during your street art walks around Paris, and bring your craziest ideas to life on a wall.