Women of taste in Paris Region

Female chefs are becoming ever more prominent on the Paris food scene. We put the grandes dames of the kitchen in the spotlight.

There are not many of them, but their culinary stars shine brightly. Talent, energy, creativity, know-how… Discover the very best of the female chefs who are reinventing the art of fine food in the Paris Region!

Hélène Darroze

Cheffe Hélène Darroze

The high priestess has to be Hélène Darroze!

Named the World’s Best Female Chef in 2015 and a judge on TV cooking show Top Chef, she shares her love for fine cuisine at her two Paris restaurants, Joia and Marsan.

Influences from her beloved homeland of the Landes in south-western France add to the charm of her simple, generous dishes, which have earned her two Michelin stars.

And as she is fond of saying: “If this isn’t happiness, it certainly feels like it!”.

Justine Piluso

Her good humour was a highlight of the 2020 edition of the French television series “Top Chef”! Smiling, energetic and talented, she quickly became a leading figure in French gastronomy. So much so, indeed, that the Dalloyau House asked this young chef to head up its two restaurants, Faubourg Saint Honoré and Saint-Lazare. Justine Piluso is an advocate of seasonal, local, hearty and generous cuisine. Her love of food is contagious!


Naoëlle d'Hainaut

Winner of season 4 of Top Chef, she was crowned in 2019 with a star in the Michelin Guide for her restaurant l’Or Q’idée. What could be more natural than for Paris department store La Samaritaine to ask this renowned chef to open the Ernest restaurant on its ground floor? Naoëlle d’Hainaut offers homely, comforting cuisine for sharing.

Amandine Chaignot

Cheffe Amandine Chaignot

Passionate about good food since childhood, Amandine Chaignot worked alongside great chefs such as Jean-François Piège and Yannick Alléno before opening her own restaurant in 2019.

Situated in the heart of Paris, in the bustling 10th arrondissement, “Pouliche” offers joyous, indulgent cuisine very much in the chef’s own image.

The unforgettably tasty dishes are generous and authentic and will give you an irresistible urge to come back for more!

Stéphanie Le Guellec

Made famous by her victory on TV cooking contest Top Chef in 2011, Stéphanie le Guellec has shone in every kitchen she has graced.

After winning her stripes as a chef at the Terre Blanche Four Seasons resort in the Var, then the restaurant of the Hôtel Prince de Galles in Paris, in 2019 she opened her own restaurant, “La Scène”, at the heart of the Golden Triangle.

With two Michelin stars to her name, she entrances us with her open kitchen and generous, indulgent dishes.

Stéphanie De Bourgies

Julia Sedefdjian

The latest arrival on the Paris Region’s food scene is Julia Sedefdjian, who at 21 became the youngest Michelin-starred chef in France.

At her restaurant Baieta (“Kiss” in the patois of Nice), she offers Mediterranean cuisine that pays tribute to the food of her childhood.

Cheffe Julia Sedefdjian%252C restaurant Baieta

Our selection

Rez de chaussée du restaurant
Named Best Woman Chef in the World in 2015, Hélène Darroze reigns over top-flight restaurants. Here, she has opted for simplicity and conviviality by creating Jòia… Joy indeed!
Devanture la pâtisserie Dalloyau Faubourg, Paris
Dalloyau Faubourg
Located in one of the most iconic streets in Paris, Dalloyau tea room is being transformed into a restaurant. Welcome to a historic brand that is always at the forefront of modernity!
Dalloyau - Passerelle Eugénie
Dalloyau Saint-Lazare - Eugénie footbridge
Dalloyau is opening a new restaurant in the Eugénie footbridge at Saint-Lazare station, with the effervescent Justine Piluso at the helm.
Ernest Samaritaine
Ernest Samaritaine
Shopping Gastronomy
On the ground floor of La Samaritaine, chef Naoëlle d'Hainaut will delight your taste buds from morning to night in this Parisian restaurant.
Pouliche Amandine Chaignot
Renowned chef Amandine Chaignot is opening her first restaurant in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. With Pouliche, she is sharing her vision of generous & sincere French cuisine.
Stephanie Le Quellec. La Scene
La Scène
Stéphanie Le Quellec, a renowned chef with two Michelin stars, is opening her first restaurant, La Scène, in the heart of the chic 8th arrondissement of Paris.
Baieta, tartare de daurade ratatouille niçoise beignet de courgette confite
Welcome to Julia Sedefdjian's restaurant in the historic Latin Quarter of Paris. The starry promise of sunny cuisine.

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