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Circus and outings with children

What to do with children in the Paris Region? We reveal our top family outings.
  1. Circus and outings with children

Amazing circuses, enchanting shows, fairy tales and entertainment for all ages, all the ingredients come together to surprise and amaze your children and grandchildren. It’s up to you to create your magic formula! We also remind you of the great unmissable places that bring culture and leisure for children.

The best of circus shows

Clowns, jugglers, tightrope walkers, trapeze artists and other acrobats: welcome to the big top of the Paris Region where acrobats of all stripes literally bend over backwards to entertain you and make you laugh and hold your breath night after night in thunderous atmospheres.

The best of children's shows

Children’s favourite tales and legends come to life in the theatres and concert halls of Paris and its region. Exciting, fairy-tale and fantastic life-size adventures!

The best entertainment

Culinary workshops or guided tours, the historical and cultural places of the Paris Region compete in inventiveness to offer children placed under the sign of wonder and discovery.

More ideas for outings with children in Paris Region

Certain major cultural and leisure sites have made a speciality of bringing culture and discoveries within the reach of children through attractions that are both educational and fun. Continue to arouse their curiosity.

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