This season’s top family-friendly exhibits

Check out our selection of exhibitions across Paris and the surrounding area that visitors of all ages are sure to love.
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From a long-lost mammoth to a volcano that’s out of control, spies on an ambush, a topsy-turvy world of contradictions, cute critters and more, if you’re in need of inspiration to satisfy your kids’ insatiable curiosity then the exhibitions in Paris and the surrounding area are here to help!

Get ready for a whole host of fun experiences that the entire family can enjoy.

Take a look at our top exhibition picks for making learning fun.

NEW DATES - The city of Pompei is rising from the ashes under the arches of the Grand Palais in a brand-new digital exhibition.
Exposition un temps de mammouth
The Age of the Mammoth: Portrait of a Lost Giant
In 2016, just a few hundred metres from the runways of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, archaeologists unearthed the bones of a mammoth, which had lain undiscovered for millennia. ARCHÉA takes you on a journey 20,000 years into the past to find out more.
Araignées Lucioles et Papillons
Spiders, fireflies and butterflies
Would you like to see the world of spiders, fireflies and butterflies through an artist’s eyes? Take a poetic tour where art meets science, and parents are led by their children.
Espions à la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie
EXTENSION – Espions at the Cité des Sciences, an exhibition you won’t want to keep secret
Dernier repas à Pompéi
Last meal in Pompeii
Learn about the lost cities of Pompeii and Herculanum through food remains from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.
louis de funes LFUNE
Until 05/31/2021
Exhibition - Louis de Funès
from 10 €
"If you are told Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez, La Folie des Grandeurs, Pouic-Pouic, La Traversée de Paris, Fantomas, Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob, La Grande Vadrouille"……
Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun, La Paix ramenant l’Abondance
Figure d’artiste at the Petite Galerie du Louvre
Come and discover the imprints that artists leave with their work in “The Advent of the Artist” at the Louvre – an exhibition that all the family can enjoy!
Exposition Contraires
At the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, there’s something for everyone – even your little ones!
détails de l'exposition
The Senons. Archaeology & History of a Gallic tribe
Who were the Gauls and the Senons in particular? In the light of the latest archaeological discoveries, the Museum of Prehistory of Paris Region located in Nemours, south of Paris, goes back over their history.

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