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Epiphany: the most beautiful king's cakes in the Paris Region

While waiting for 2024, rediscover the galettes of the best pastry chefs who made your taste buds turn over in 2023
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With frangipane, according to the traditional or updated recipe, the pastry chefs of the Paris Region will convince you to give in to gluttony!

Pierre Hermé, Christophe Michalak, and Nicolas Cloiseau… No pastry chef would miss this opportunity to delight food-lovers! Discover their latest creations as they compete once again to showcase their originality. The Epiphany will be celebrated throughout the month of January for ultimate gourmet pleasure. Long live the King Cake! They made the news in 2023, so look out for these pastry chefs to discover their 2024 cakes.

The best pastry shops where to buy your 2022 galette des rois in Paris Region


To celebrate the Epiphany, Jérémy Del Val, pastry chef at Dalloyau and French dessert champion, has joined forces with the bakery and patisserie of Benoit Castel. Together, they have created an almond and hazelnut galette with a candied lemon heart that blends tradition and modernity. The puff pastry is decorated with Petit-Beurre, the symbol of the Benoit Castel brand, and the Dalloyau logo. It’s up to you to find the lucky charm to keep!

Galette Dalloyau


Maison Lenôtre, an iconic French patisserie, is taking us to the Riviera with its St-Tropez-style galette. The soft brioche, soaked in tangerine syrup and garnished with lemon pastry cream, is shaped like a parasol, as designed by the artist Eric Garence. A signature cake filled with sunshine and sweetness to celebrate the Epiphany in 2022.


Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé excels in a world of sweetness and creativity, showcasing buckwheat from Brittany in his 2022 galette. The crunchy puff pastry and soft almond cream, punctuated by buckwheat seeds and crisp praline, will make your taste buds tingle. Like his favourite “Jardin d’Atlas” macaron, the great pastry chef has also created a galette featuring the subtle flavours of orange blossom, honey and lemon.

Galette Pierre Hermé

Jean-Paul Hévin

Famous chocolatier and pastry chef Jean-Paul Hévin showcases exceptional cocoa from all over the world in his galette des rois. A family galette with almond cream, chocolate chips and tangy lime cream. A gourmet tradition that’s not to be missed!

Jean-Paul Hevin Galette des Rois Galette Fleur

La Maison du Chocolat

Nicolas Cloiseau innovates and updates the traditional galette for 2022! For the chef at Maison du Chocolat, what could be more natural for this master craftsman than a chocolate galette des rois? A cocoa-rich delight to make you feel like royalty as you share an unforgettable family moment!

La Maison du chocolat

Grande Epicerie de Paris

Don’t miss the French almond galette available at the Grande Épicerie de Paris! Topped with elaborate puff pastry with glazed almonds and almond biscuits, garnished with almond praline and vanilla and rum almond cream, it is made from the best ingredients by the Bon Marché pastry chefs. Celebrate the Epiphany in 2022 in Paris Rive Gauche-style!

Christophe Michalak

To celebrate the Fête des Rois in 2022, Christophe Michalak embellishes his first galette with pistachio and praline and goes back to basics with his second, with classic almond cream and an elegant design. Two very different galettes that will delight both purists and those looking for something new!

Galettes 2022 Michalak

Printemps du Goût

Nina Métayer, twice named Pastry Chef of the year, welcomes you to Printemps du Goût and to her website “Délicatisserie” where she unveils her “nutcracker” galette, a nod to Tchaikovsky’s famous magical ballet. Rich in taste and low in gluten, its almonds and hazelnut flavours will make your taste buds tingle. The crisp biscuit that tops each galette, devised by designer Alexia Lepelletier, is like a delicately chiselled jewel. For your viewing pleasure!

More galettes

Pâtisserie Grandin
The Grandin patisserie is one of those gourmet addresses of which the town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye can be proud. People come from far and wide to taste the Debussy, a small hazelnut cake created in honour of the composer born just opposite the shop!
Galette des Rois
La Campagnarde
In his bakery and patisserie in the western Parisian suburb of Nanterre, success just keeps on coming for chef Armand Carneiro! Having won awards for the best classic baguette and almond Galette des Rois in 2019, a trip to visit him and treat yourself…
Poudres d'Or
Poudres d'Or
North of Paris in the commune of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, the modern-looking Poudres d’Or bakery’s window display is a spectacle of wonderful traditional cakes and crisp, golden pastries.

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