Christmas Chocolates 2023 at Le Cacaotier

Where to buy the best Christmas chocolates in Paris Region?

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are the perfect excuse to treat yourself and your loved ones. Go on, check out our selection of chocolate shops in Paris Region, for gifts that won’t go unnoticed around the Christmas tree.
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As the year draws to a close, let the festivities begin! Christmas shopping is high on the list when it comes to merrymaking. To treat yourself and spoil your loved ones, visit the shops of Paris Region’s top chocolate makers and confectioners. You’re sure to find something to please everyone, from the sweets of your childhood to luxury chocolate creations. A delightful and deliciously original way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

Discover the chocolate creations that delighted you in 2023 and look forward to those in 2024!

Alain Ducasse, the taste of excellence

For 2023, the Alain Ducasse chocolate factory is taking Christmastime into a very special dimension. To mark the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Manufacture is adding a little magic to its chocolate! This Christmas, the enchanting natural world and the forest take pride of place, in an Advent calendar packed with poetic delights. Designed by the talented Jean Dalin, this limited-edition box plunges you into a magical dreamworld, even before you taste the chocolates inside! This exquisite 24-day fairytale is your chance to try the very best products from the Alain Ducasse chocolate factory, a mix of milk, dark and white chocolates, generous ganache truffles, delicious pralines and other original creations that chocolate lovers would die for.

And if you’re looking for the perfect gift to place under the tree, their Christmas gift boxes should appeal. Chocolate Christmas trees, truffles, chocolate bars and much more! This beautiful selection definitely has something to delight your loved ones. Then there are the Ducasse Manufacture’s famous geometrical hexa-chocolates, like the Hexa Robin and the Hexa Santa that will decorate the famous shop window during the Christmas period.

La Manufacture de chocolat d'Alain Ducasse_ Noël 2022
La Manufacture de chocolat d’Alain Ducasse

Patrick Roger, the sculptor

If you’re looking for a truly original gift, look no further. Patrick Roger is an artist who likes to sculpt chocolate into various mineral or animal forms. His giant creations are vibrantly life-like amid the window displays of his different boutiques. This audacious creator revisits chocolate like nobody else, with his shiny half-spheres that are almost too beautiful to eat. For this Christmas, the chocolate maker, voted one of the best in France, has created an elegant, limited-edition gift box containing a selection of ganache and praline milk and dark chocolates as well as his iconic multicoloured spheres.

Boutique du chocolatier Patrick Roger, Paris
Patrick Roger

Gilles Cresno, the inescapable

Winner of the City of Paris Chocolate Grand Prix, Gilles Cresno is an artisan with a passion who shares his taste for excellence and sweet delights through his chocolate creations. In Paris, everybody who is anybody visits his shop in Rueil-Malmaison, just west of the capital, to try his exclusive creations.

His speciality? Chocolate in highly original flavours such as pepper, mojito, basil, tea and many more clever combinations that will delight any chocolate lover or sweet tooth curious enough to try them.

So for Christmas 2023, why not pop under the tree a box of his speciality assortment, or opt for something more traditional like a box of candied chestnuts or truffles from the chocolate-maker’s workshop. A delightful and delicious way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

Gilles Cresno Chocolatier
Gilles Cresno

La Mère de Famille, the Mamma

La Mère de Famille is the ultimate address for children and adults who have a sweet tooth. With its Belle Époque shopfront, mouthwatering displays and all the great classics of French confectionery it has to offer, this boutique makes a delicious nod to the sweets and chocolates of our childhood. Treat yourself to some marshmallows, boiled sweets, pralines, chocolates and other delights, to revive your most delicious childhood memories.

For Christmas, this traditional chocolate maker is selling a limited-edition Advent calendar in the form of a beautiful family home, designed by Catherine Meurisse. Behind each of the doors and windows of this chocolate-box house hides one of the boutique’s specialities, including dark, white and milk chocolates, caramels and fruit jellies… For a mouthwatering count-down to Christmas. You might also succumb to the temptation of one of their more traditional boxes of chocolates and sweets such as lollipops or calissons, for a nostalgic Christmas full of tender moments.

Coffrets de truffes, A la Mère de Famille
A la Mère de Famille

Le Cacaotier, the traveller

At Enghien-les-Bains, just north of Paris, Le Cacaotier invites you to take a journey packed with flavour. A traditional chocolate maker since 1995, Hubert Masse shares his passion for quality chocolate via his boutiques in Île-de-France and Normandy, with creations inspired by his gourmet adventures around the world.

For Christmas, he showcases chocolate in an Advent calendar full of tenderness. In this gift box featuring a chubby Father Christmas, the 24 doors reveal little dark and milk chocolate fish, pralines and hazelnut balls that will delight children and adults alike. Besides this delicious gift box you’ll find timeless classics like boxes of **truffles, and pralines or ganache assortments** that won’t go unnoticed under the Christmas tree.

Find out more about Le Cacaotier.

Chocolate Santas%252C Le Cacaotier%252C Christmas 2023

Le chocolat des Français, the designer

The creations of Le Chocolat des Français are easy to recognise by their crazily colourful packaging. Established in 2004 by three chocolate-loving artists, this chocolate shop gives pride of place to the art of chocolate and novel creations that offer a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Le Chocolat des Français has joined forces with the best French chocolate makers and more than 400 artists to produce pop-arty creations that won’t fail to catch the eye of those who know art isn’t just a visual affair.

Add even more magic to your 2023 Christmas festivities with the Funfair created by Le Chocolat des Français. This Advent calendar illustrated by Valentin Pujadas will take you on a fabulous adventure at the Chocoland park. The Christmas gift packs, sweet boxes and chocolate baubles feature things like bumper-car races and Father Christmas riding on a roller coaster. And their content is just as appealing: delicious chocolate-covered pralines, bars of dark, white or milk chocolate, truffles, coated hazelnuts and much more. Delicious, designer Christmas gifts.

Find out more about Le Chocolat des Français.

Christmas Choclat Collection

Alléno & Rivoire, alternative delights

For Christmas 2023, try these amazing chocolates containing neither sugar nor cream, for delicious taste without the guilt. With a most surprising recipe containing birch juice, Alléno & Rivoire is revolutionising the world of chocolate.

Between their mendiants made for sharing, their boiled sweets to hang on the Christmas tree and their beautiful signature gift boxes, the end-of-year festivities promise to be deliciously chocolatey with Alléno & Rivoire. These two great chefs invite you to visit their boutique in the 7th arrondissement of Paris to discover the true taste of cocoa!

Comptoir de chocolats de la boutique Alléno & Rivoire%252C Paris
Alléno & Rivoire

Edwart Chocolatier, the artisan who spices things up

When it comes to chocolate, the young chef Edwin Yansané ventures off the beaten track. The artisan with the tattooed arm and hat permanently placed on his head is well known to the Paris smart set for his bold creations with spicy flavours that bring out the best in the cocoa. At Edwart, the chocolate with pepper, the Madras curry praline and the ganache truffles made with kaffir lime zest make each mouthful a gourmet journey in its own right.

Last year, the chocolate maker took the bold step of blending traditional and avant-garde in an Advent calender designed by Lady Tornade, a tattoo artist. For Christmas 2023, he’s making another audacious move with a fabulous limited-edition book of delicious spells, a gift box put together with the help of a master of Old School tattooing, Eddie Czaicki. The ideal gift for a Merry Christmas that really rocks.

Edwart Chocolatier Paris
Edwart Chocolatier

Foucher, the Parisian

For two hundred years now, Foucher has placed chocolate under the spotlight in the greatest of traditions. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and ganache truffles, in boxes of various shapes and sizes, that prove this famous chocolate maker hasn’t finished making your mouth water.

Forget the fuss and frills, here the focus is on the quality of the chocolates and the ingredients, showcased in an array of sweet treats to bring joy to every occasion. Their beautiful old-fashioned boxes only add to the vintage charm of this establishment. In addition to their traditional chocolates and truffles, the Maison Foucher revisits fruit with its delicious fruit jellies and its famous Golden cherries, steeped in brandy and coated in chocolate. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a budding chocolate chef, you may be interested to know that Foucher organises workshops on a regular basis.


Maison le Roux, the toffee specialist

For Christmas, the Maison le Roux takes you to Brittany for a sweet-toothed adventure. Born in the heart of Morbihan, on the Quiberon peninsula, this chocolate and caramel maker pays a tribute to his homeland with his signature creations, called menhirs. These highly original chocolates are miniature replicas of the famous megalithic stones and will make a wonderful addition to Santa’s sack. You can select your own assortment from traditional praline and salted caramel the children will love, to whisky and cognac chocolates for the adults. And if you fancy a plunge back into the joys of childhood, try their delicious salted caramels, soft marshmallows and tasty spreads.

Vitrine intérieure de la Maison Le Roux Chocolatier Caramélier
Maison Le Roux

Maison Fouquet, the confectioner

With its elegant shopfront and window displays worthy of a luxury jeweller’s, the Maison Fouquet invites you make this Christmas a truly amazing one. Since its creation in 1852, this famous chocolate and confectionery shop has won over the Parisians, and its clientele includes more than one famous sweet tooth, the likes of Monet and Gertrude Stein among them.

For Christmas, let the Maison Fouquet inspire you, with its boxes of delightful surprises. Chocolates, old-fashioned pralines, fruity palet biscuits, ‘Salvator’ caramels… This establishment has plenty of its own creations, to delight both young and old. Add a sweet touch to Christmas, elegantly coated with delicious finesse.

Find out more about the Maison Fouquet.

Chocolate Christmas trees%252C Louis Fouquet%252C Paris

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