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Sports and leisure activities in Paris Region

They say that regular exercise is great for your health. If you’re not keen on running, we have good news! In Paris Region there are lots of ways to burn some energy and enjoy yourself at the same time.
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What kind of activity do you fancy?

Looking for a sports activity? A leisure pursuit? Paris Region has just what you need.

Whether you’re a visitor exploring the region or a local in search of new experiences, the sports activities available in Paris Region are enough to motivate the least sporty among you. Choose your future favourite activity from our wide selection and throw yourself into a new adventure.

Outdoor activities: a breath of fresh air in Paris!

The weather’s fine and the sky is (almost) blue. Why be shut in a gym or sports club when you can let off steam in the great outdoors?

Walking or cycling?

Take to the trails that criss-cross the region. You’ll be blown away by the beautiful scenery around Paris, between valleys shaped by the rivers Seine and Marne, and ancient forests. The advantage of hiking? You can walk at your own pace, so children are welcome. There’s nothing like a day out from the usual routine to spark the curiosity of children.

If you find walking too slow, try cycling Far from the traffic of the city centre, you’ll find plenty of very pleasant routes for cyclists. Some of them go along riverbanks or past fields. Others take you from village to village. Exploring Paris Region by bicycle is more gentle on the eyes as well as the planet.

No compromise on adrenalin thrills

To get the adrenalin flowing, head for one of the skateparks around the city of Paris. Get your children on wheels, be it a bike, rollerblades, scooter or skateboard… It doesn’t matter as long as they enjoy themselves.

Another thrill-packed option is a high-ropes trail. Once again, this is great for both adults and children. The most daring among you will follow the highest adventure trail, while children will make the most of the area set aside to help them master their fear of heights.

Best golf courses in Paris Region

Itching to get your clubs out? Enjoy the pleasure of a round of golf on the lovely green grass of the courses around Paris. The perfect combination of sporting challenge and relaxing experience. Without a shadow of a doubt, experienced golfers and novices looking to progress will all find their perfect fairway on which to practise or challenge a colleague.

Activities for cooling off in Paris Region

Forget the local swimming pool. Paris Region is full of waterways and reservoirs. The perfect places for a number of watersports: Paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, rowing, sailing and more. Along the Seine and Marne rivers, your trips on the water become fabulous adventures.

Outdoor activities centres in Paris Region

There is such a thing as an oasis in Paris. These outdoor activities centres are known as leisure islands and children definitely prefer them to school. Paris Region has 12 of them in all, spread across Île-de-France. Every year, more than 4 million local residents come to unwind and enjoy their favourite activities.

Here, it’s all about having fun. The outdoor activities centres offer a whole range of sports: climbing, horseriding, golf, archery, football, basketball, tennis, etc. and lead many people to discover a new passion they may never have thought of. For others, these leisure islands are the best way to escape from the daily routine and spend some quality time with family or friends.

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