Le printemps du goût

Paris Region restaurants welcome you on their terraces. Discover our summer selection !

Panoramic, bucolic, hidden or perched, these exceptional tables in Paris and its region are really going all out !

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  3. Paris Region restaurants welcome you on their terraces. Discover our summer selection !

When summer comes, we take out our hats and sunglasses and look for the best spots to eat outdoors. Vary the pleasures and indulge in an authentic and refined cuisine, while enjoying the sun. With our selection of majestic rooftops and terraces by the water or sheltered under the trees, all you have to do is make your choice!

The bucolic choice

Set in the heart of the well-named “Île des impressionnistes”, La Maison Fournaise was a popular guingette for painters. Enjoy lunch by the Seine in this unique setting, and relive the scene painted by Renoir in his celebrated Luncheon of the Boating Party. The traditional cuisine and country setting are bound to add to the delight of the experience.

La Maison Fournaise

The majestic choice

At Girafe, no need to stretch your neck to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower! The rooftop terrace of this luxurious seafood brasserie located inside the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine will dazzle you! The cuisine is fresh, refined and elegant. You’re in seventh heaven!

The fashionistas’ choice

Perched on the roof of the Printemps du Goût at the Printemps Haussmann department store, Perruche goes all out with culinary elegance and gastronomic delight. Exotic plants, Paris spread out beneath your feet, sparkling cocktails and delicious dishes make it one of the trendiest terraces in the city.

The waterside choice

Sitting opposite Lac d’Enghien-les-Bains on the terrace of Fouquet’s restaurant, you’ll almost believe you’re at the seaside. Three-Michelin-starred chef, Pierre Gagnaire, has designed a bistro-style menu, and you can watch the pedal boats while just a stone’s throw from the city. A real breath of fresh air!

Restaurant Le Fouquet's Enghien-les-Bains

The riverside choice

Head down to Maquereaux, the barge restaurant moored at Quai de l’Hôtel-de-Ville. With a two-tiered terrace, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy oysters from Brittany, whelk with mayonnaise, or an assortment of smoked fish. Anchors aweigh!

The secret choice

La Petite Venise is a taste of Italy right in the heart of the Château de Versailles grounds. In this bucolic setting, with a shady terrace and cuisine straight from Italy, enjoy a royal luncheon, to the backdrop of the Grand Canal and the Fountain of Apollo.

The high choice

At the top of the Butte Montmartre, the Moulin de la Galette stands guard over its history, staying true to the guingette spirit so dear to the Impressionists of the 19th century. The traditional, tasty cuisine is devoted to fresh, good quality produce, the terrace lined with trees, and the view incredible.

Le Moulin de la Galette 2016

The spectacular choice

Adjoining the Parc du Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Le Pavillon Henri IV is the last remaining vestige of the Château-Neuf, the royal residence of Henri IV and Louis XIV. Today, it is a gastronomic restaurant directed by Chef Patrick Käppler, complete with a panoramic terrace that overlooks the Seine valley.

Hôtel Pavillon Henri IV