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Top exhibitions in Paris Region this summer

Discover the most beautiful exhibitions of this summer 2022
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Paris Region, its emblematic monuments, its magnificent châteaux, its unmissable museums and their internationally renowned masterpieces… and its exhibition programme that matches the reputation of the City of Light. Fashion, modern and contemporary art, music, photography, architecture, history, fine arts… Paris Region’s exhibitions explore every field and subject enough to make your head spin! To help you make your choice, we have put together a selection of must-see exhibitions for you to enjoy during your stay.

Discover the most beautiful exhibitions of this summer 2022

Summer in Paris Region, its terraces, its rooftops, its parks and gardens.. and its exhibitions to discover without further delay.

We rush to the Philharmonie de Paris to vibrate with Hip-Hop and street art, at the Musée Maillol to contemplate the magnificent portraits of Steve McCurry, at the BnF to dive into the secrets of hieroglyphics with Champollion, at the Atelier des Lumières to immerse yourself in Paul Cezanne’s XXL-sized Provencal landscapes, at the Musée de l’Orangerie to marvel at the finesse of impressionist decorations, at the Palais Galliera to pay homage to the fashion designer Alber Elbaz, at the Musée du Luxembourg to meet the pioneering and liberated women artists of the early 20th century, at the Musée d’Orsay to confront the genius of Antoni Gaudí, at the Louvre Museum to immerse yourself in the fascinating tale of the Pharaohs of Napata… and many others.

Here is a small overview of the exhibitions that are going to add color to your summer.

Until 02/01/2023
Exhibition Ticket - Cézanne, The Lights of Provence
from 16 €
Presently in Paris, discover the 2 exhibitions Cézanne, The Lights of Provence and Kandinsky, the odyssey of abstraction by buying your tickets now. The…
Love brings Love. Le défilé hommage à Alber Elbaz
Love Brings Love. A catwalk tribute to Alber Elbaz
Art & culture Events
From 5 March to 10 July 2022, the Palais Galliera is honouring the fashion designer Alber Elbaz, who died in April 2021. In an unprecedented exhibition it will recreate the catwalk show which took place at the Carreau du Temple in Paris on 5 October 2021…
Pablo Picasso, Buste de femme au chapeau rayé, Paris, 03 juin 1939.Huile sur toile, 81 x 54 cm, Musée national Picasso-Paris, Dation Pablo Picasso, 1979. MP180
" Yves Saint Laurent aux musées" exhibition
Art & culture Events
From 29 January to 18 September 2022, an exhibition shown among the permanent collections of six Parisian museums will mark the 60th anniversary of the couturier’s first fashion show.
Femmes photographes de guerre
Femmes photographes de guerre
Art & culture Events
From 8 March to 31 December 2022, the Musée de la Libération de Paris is continuing its exploration of history by presenting the works of eight renowned female photographers who covered 75 years of international conflicts between 1936 and 2011.
Antoni Gaudi Jardinière tripode de section triangulaire 1905
Art & culture Events
From 12 April to 17 July 2022, the Musée d’Orsay takes you on a journey in the footsteps of Antoni Gaudí, the genius architect and designer who led the way in Spanish Art Nouveau, with the first major exhibition to be held in Paris in 50 years.
L 'aventure Champollion. Dans le secret des hiéroglyphes
L’aventure Champollion. Dans le secret des hiéroglyphes
Art & culture Events
From 12 April to 24 July 2022, to mark 200 years since he deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs in 1822, follow in the footsteps of Jean-François Champollion and discover 88 volumes of exceptional notes and drawings revealing the secrets of hieroglyphs.
Le décor impressionniste : Aux sources des Nymphéas
The impressionist décor: At the source of the Water Lilies
Art & culture Events
From 2 March to 11 July 2022, the Musée de l’Orangerie, in exceptional partnership with London’s National Gallery, invites you to take a unique look at Impressionism by exploring the famous artistic movement as decoration
Machu Picchu & les trésors du Pérou
Until 04/09/2022
Exhibition ticket - Machu Picchu & the treasures of Peru - Dated
from 22 €
Art & culture
From April 16, 2022, come along on the date of your choice and discover the exhibition-event Machu Picchu and the treasures of Peru at the Cité de l’Architecture…
Pharaon des Deux Terres L'épopée africaine des rois de Napata
Pharaoh of the Two Lands. The African Story of the Kings of Napata
Art & culture Events
From 28 April to 25 July, the Louvre Museum takes you on a journey of discovery of the African kings of Napata in an exhibition that highlights the key role played by this vast kingdom, located in what is now northern Sudan.

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  • Copyright image: RMN-Grand Palais (Musée d'Orsay) / Hervé Lewandowski