Eating locally, living healthy - Our local food restaurants top 5!

A locavore is someone committed to eat local products and source them via a short food chain.

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“It’s a match!” The local food movement combines the two antagonist world of cities and countries, while respecting the environment. A trend inspiring many Parisian chefs to the delight of gourmets!


Nature reaches for the sky!

Urban agriculture is now taking place in the most unexpected spots of the capital. The Topager company transforms the roofs of Paris into vegetable gardens. In this green haven, fruits and vegetables happily grow. The orchard and vegetable garden of the Frame restaurant share the Parisian sky with the Eiffel Tower. At the top of the building, we found 6500 ft² of crops as well as bird and hen houses. Harvested here, the fresh and seasonable vegetables, the homemade honey and the edible flowers and herbs are then cooked by the masterly skilled chef Andrew Wigger.

The art of taste

Cooking is an art and Parisian chefs are here to prove it. They share with us their love of gastronomy. Pierre Sang is among them. He pays tribute to his Korean roots with a demanding and fine cuisine. In addition to traditional dishes, including the bibimbap, a mixture of rice, beef and vegetables, his restaurant serves a delicious smoked eel with its miso soup or a yogurt ice-cream with granola, lemon cream and peach syrup.

Salle Oberkampf
Salle Gambey

The big winner of Top Chef 2013, Jean Imbert did not wait to be under the TV spotlight to display his cooking skills. At the restaurant Les Bols de Jean her offers gourmet dishes served in bowls of sourdough bread, kneaded by Eric Kayser, a famous baker in the capital. Flavours of goat cheese, ham on the bone, tapenade and peach compote exquisitely soak the bread for a fun and sensory experience.

From farms to fork

Behind the market cuisine of the Resistants, you can find a group of friends in love with good food. Here “locally” also means “respectfully.” Respect of the natural cycles, of a sustainable and traceable production. The food is organic and the prices are reasonable. But what does it taste like? A culinary and gourmet “Tour de France”: beef from Limousin, corn from Touraine, tartlet with clementines from Porto-Vecchio… On the website, you’ll find the portraits and stories of the producers, including Maxime Bussy, a baker who kneads his bread with water from Parisian artesian wells.

Local flavours

Bienvenue to the oldest covered market in Paris! Here you’ll find not only colourful stalls which catch your eyes but also the gourmet Estaminet des Enfants rouges! Certified “Mangeons local en Ile-de-France” by the CERVIA (a regional organisation supporting Paris Region agriculture and food actors), it’s the best place for a break. It welcomes you in a rustic décor. The food is a gourmet tribute to French gastronomy: the jams from Loir-et-Cher, the charcuterie from Aubrac and the bread from the rue de Turenne. Got to the Estaminet’s shop and extend the experience at home!

L'Estaminet des enfants rouges: 4, rue des oiseaux - 75003 Paris

Burgers on the road

In the food truck La Mobylette Verte, all sandwiches are prepared on demand. The breads are buttered and toasted, the French beef is perfectly cooked and the vegetables are produced in Paris Region. The burgers and sandwiches of Le camion du Vexin showcase the treasures of their region. The brioche bread is kneaded in Auvers-sur-Oise, mustard is made with seeds of Gouzangrez and vegetables come from Livilliers.

Pommes de terre

Our selection

Frame Brasserie
Frame Brasserie
Did you say locavore? Frame Brasserie takes the concept to the next level by serving products from its own vegetable patch, perched on its roof just opposite the Eiffel Tower!
Restaurant Pierre Sang Expériences
Pierre Sang in Oberkampf
Pierre Sang Boyer, a TV chef who simply oozes generosity, has become a household name in France. But celebrity has not changed him. A meal at his restaurant is like dinner at a friend’s house!
Bois de Boulogne
Les Bols de Jean
Having won French TV cooking contest Top Chef in 2013, Jean Imbert is now making a splash once again with his innovative “surprise bread” concept.
Ballade charcutière
Les Résistants
This is a restaurant with a cause, proclaiming loud and proud that it deals in “committed cuisine”, for the benefit of the “Résistants”, a collective of farmers championing sustainable, local agriculture.
Bois de Boulogne
L’Estaminet des Enfants rouges
This tavern, nestled within the French capital’s eccentric and photogenic oldest covered market, gives priority to products from the Paris region. Freshness guaranteed!
Bois de Boulogne
La Mobylette Verte
Could a simple moped be the Rolls Royce of foodtrucks? This brand, which offers top-notch, 100% local burgers throughout Paris, would certainly suggest so!
Le camion du Vexin
Le Camion du Vexin
Well known among the students of Cergy-Pontoise University, this foodtruck champions the produce of a little known part of the Paris region: the Vexin français regional nature park.