Sur les pas de Sisley, visite guidee a Moret-sur-Loing

Barbizon, Moret-sur-Loing and Yerres: Impressionism and its forerunners to the south of Paris

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Paris to savour the pleasures of nature on the outskirts of the city.
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The influence of the Impressionists and the painters that preceded them is still palpable in the vast area between Yerres and Barbizon. The inspiring forests, charming villages and refreshing rivers and streams had a magnetic effect on the region’s painters.

Still today, the region is brimming with places with indelible connections to those artists’ lives.

The Barbizon School: finding beauty in nature

To the south of Paris, the Forest of Fontainebleau marked the movement by inspiring its forerunners, landscape painters known as the Barbizon School.

Visit the charming village of Barbizon to discover the house and studio of Jean-François Millet and learn about the artist’s life, before heading to the Musée des peintres de Barbizon to find out all there is to know about the Barbizon School and its aesthetic innovations.

Musée des peintres de Barbizon

Moret-sur-Loing and Yerres: landscapes rich in inspiration

Just outside the Forest of Fontainebleau, the medieval city of Moret-sur-Loing was home to the painter Alfred Sisley for the last twenty years of his life. A dedicated trail, suitable for all the family, takes you to the places that inspired him.

The nearby Yerres is home to the magnificent Propriété Caillebotte, which has been restored to its former glory.

Parcours sur les pas de Sisley
Propriété Caillebotte Maison Caillebotte -Yerres

Explore the Impressionnist scene in Paris Region

Our selection

Entrée du musée
Musée Jean-François Millet
Art & culture
In the heart of the village of Barbizon, Jean-François Millet's home and studio immerses you in the life and work of this painter, a precursor of the Impressionist movement.
Vue de l'extérieur du musée Départemental des peintres de Barbizon
Musée des peintres de Barbizon
Art & culture
An unmissable stop on your Impressionist pilgrimage, the Barbizon School Museum offers an exceptional immersion into the world of the group of artists who heralded the Impressionists.
Maison Caillebotte
Art & culture Nature & outdoor
The home in Yerres where Caillebotte lived was designed as a source of inspiration. This unique estate is now a historic showcase of the artist’s life and his pictorial genius.
Forêt de Fontainebleau
Fontainebleau forest
Nature & outdoor Leisures
The Fontainebleau Forest is one of the largest forests in France, and a true paradise for rock-climbers, athletes and Sunday picnickers, only an hour from Paris.

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