Instant de bonheur, Chatou, Paris Region

Seine-side delights

Though the new Paris provided abundant inspiration for the Impressionists, the development of the railways, improvements in painting equipment and the advent of leisure activities were to offer them fresh motifs a few miles outside the city.
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Along the Seine, in Bougival, Chatou and on the Ile de la Jatte, dancing, boating and carefree joie de vivre were the order of the day. And those moments of bliss savoured by the Impressionists can still be enjoyed today!

Ile de la Jatte: the countryside within a stone’s throw of Paris

Head for the Ile de la Jatte, between Neuilly-sur-Seine and Levallois-Perret. Over the course of a 4-kilometre trail, you will discover works by Seurat, Monet and Van Gogh inspired by this little slice of countryside in Paris.

Parcours de l'Île de la Jatte

Seine-side Impressionist trail

Instant de bonheur, Ile de la Jatte, Paris Region - Seurat
Top 5 Impressionist landscapes in Paris Region

Chatou: a favoured haunt for Impressionist revellers

Continue your explorations with Chatou and its “Ile des Impressionnistes”, which Renoir dubbed “the prettiest place in the outskirts of Paris”.

Stop off for a bite to eat on the terrace of the Fournaise, a famous guinguette, or open-air dance café, that inspired the painter’s Luncheon of the Boating Party.

Restaurant Fournaise

The adjacent Musée Fournaise is offering a new trail that pays homage to the artist through a remarkable and spectacular immersive experience.

Façade du Musée Fournaise
Musée Fournaise
Musée Fournaise

Our favourite Seine-side Impressionist event

Explore the Impressionnist scene in Paris Region

Our selection

Musée de la Maison Fournaise
Musée Fournaise
Art & culture
Queen of the guinguettes in the time of the Impressionists, La Maison Fournaise presents a new visit-with-show in its own museum: Renoir as Impressionist, an immersive experience!
Instant de bonheur, Ile de la Jatte, Paris Region - Seurat
Walk around the Île de la Jatte
Art & culture Nature & outdoor
A charming walk around this island in the middle of the Seine, west of Paris, will transport you back to when the impressionists used to come and paint here.
Instant de bonheur, Ile de la Jatte, Paris Region - Seurat
On the traces of the impressionist painters at Asnières-sur-Seine
Discover the vistas that inspired such illustrious painters as Georges Seurat, Paul Signac and Vincent Van Gogh on this Seine-side stroll.
Musée de la Grenouillère
Art & culture
Dedicated to the famous “guinguette” where Renoir and Monet painted side by side, the Musée de la Grenouillère pays homage to a joyful era of festivities along the banks of the Seine.

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