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Golfs in Paris Region

Let’s talk about fairways, holes, driving ranges and clubs. Golf talk! Paris Region is packed with superb courses where you can enjoy a good putt. Perfect your swing on one of our greens, some of which are trodden by the world’s greatest golfers.
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Where to play golf in Paris Region?

Golfing in Paris Region

The sophisticated and demanding sport of golf has made itself at home in every part of Paris Region. Île-de-France invites enthusiasts to pick from a whole array of golf courses, immaculate greens and world-class facilities. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a golfing beginner, the region has plenty of options to satisfy your passion for this elegant sport. The driving range awaits you. Which green to choose?

Golf in Paris Region, an international sport

Île-de-France has much more than just high-quality golfing facilities for local enthusiasts. It also plays a major role on the international golfing scene by hosting world-class competitions. The region’s golf courses have been the stage of prestigious events that have attracted the world’s top golfers for decades.

The most noteworthy competitions include the Open de France, a European tournament of the PGA Tour regularly held on one of the most popular golf courses of Île-de-France, the Golf National. This event attracts world-class golfers and provides fans with an opportunity to see close up their favourite players in action.

Île-de-France has also hosted high-level women’s tournaments such as the Women’s Open de France, which shines a spotlight on the talent of professional female golfers.

In 2018, the Golf National hosted the Ryder Cup, an exceptional international event. In this 2-yearly golf competition, the American teams are pitted against the European teams.

Golf, an all-round experience

Golfing in Paris and Île-de-France isn’t just about playing rounds and practising at the driving range. It is a whole experience combining sport, relaxation and togetherness. After a day on the green, many of the region’s golf clubs have quality facilities where you can unwind and share a pleasant moment with other passionate golfers. Some also have restaurants with views of the green where you can enjoy a gourmet meal, while at others you can get together for a drink in the clubhouse. The perfect opportunity to relive the highlights of your round of golf, boast about your newly-acquired iron, or argue about the best 3 greens in France. In our view, the golf de Fontainebleau, the Golf National and the golf d’Ormesson are excellent contenders.

Facilities and installations

Golfers in Paris Region have access to high-quality installations, vital to improving their game. In this respect, you won’t be disappointed with the Île-de-France golf courses. From golf-ball and buggy rentals to tuition delivered by professional experts, you’ll find everything you need to perfect your swing.

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