Perspective of the gardens of the Château de Versailles, fountains, groves and water features.

Things to do near the Palace of Versailles

The Olympic & Paralympic Games are coming to the Paris Region in 2024. The Palace of Versailles will provide a majestic backdrop to the equestrian competitions. Visit this symbol of the history of France to enjoy a fabulous trip back in time.
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Transforming the Palace of Versailles into an Olympic venue is an audacious ambition to say the least! Spectators of the equestrian competitions to be held in the palace grounds, near the Grand Canal, will be delighted to see that history and sport have rarely gone so well together. Take advantage of your visit to this royal site to discover all its secrets. Step inside the palace and let its subdued, elegant atmosphere carry you off to a different century.

Palace of Versailles, prestige on the outskirts of Paris

The château de Versailles, which is celebrating its 400th anniversary this year, is one of the highlights of your visit. It will remain open to visitors throughout the equestrian heats of the Olympic & Paralympic Games. Take the opportunity to explore this prestigious site, a symbol of the golden age and of the decline of Royalty. The palace will give you a sumptuous glance at the daily lives of the Court and the great kings and queens of France. From the Sun King’s apartments and Marie-Antoinette’s boudoir, to the formal gardens designed by Le Nôtre, soak up the atmosphere of this unique and majestic place where time seems to stand still.

Chateau de Versailles
Château de Versailles

During your visit, you can stop to admire the Chapelle royale, an amazing example of 18th-century architecture that was commissioned by Louis XIV. Royal christenings took place here, as well as the wedding of the future King Louis XVI to Marie-Antoinette, but it is also a perfect venue for the many classical concerts held here. A musical experience to be enjoyed any time of year…

Chapelle Royale
Royal Chapel of the Château de Versailles

Another rich cultural programme is hosted at the Opéra Royal, probably one of the most beautiful theatres in the world. Inaugurated in 1770, this impressive, gilt-decorated building was the venue of grand balls and royal events.

L&%2523039;Opéra Royal
Royal Opera of the Palace of Versailles

Your walk continues in the jardins du château de Versailles. Designed by the great royal gardener, André Le Nôtre, this green jewel comprising a beautiful French-style formal garden and majestic water features, is an enchanting invitation to enjoy a rest. Take a few minutes to gaze at the Neptune Fountain, one of the most impressive features of these gardens. Every Saturday evening in summer, the Palace of Versailles does these beautiful fountains proud, with “Grandes Eaux Nocturnes”, a show of illuminations that ends in a fabulous fireworks display. A very special way to appreciate the site in all its splendour.

Latone et Grand Canal
The Gardens of Versailles

What better place than the Palace of Versailles restaurants to sample the delights of French gastronomy? The menus of the restaurants Ore and Grand Contrôle both elaborated by chef Alain Ducasse, will delight even the most discerning palate. The café and restaurant Ore offers a heavenly view of the palace gardens and serves the great classics of French cuisine with a delicious modern twist.

Salle Restaurant

And if you want to reach the heights of gastronomy, book a table at the Grand Contrôle. The menu of this Michelin-starred restaurant at the hotel of the same name is all about luxury and sophistication. The service and the setting are worthy of the ostentation of yesteryear, plunging you into an exceptional atmosphere that makes you feel this is truly a unique experience.

Around the Palace of Versailles

The area around the Palace of Versailles also has a few surprises in store. At the back of the estate, the Royal Stables, built during the reign of Louis XIV, bear witness to the crucial role of horses under the Ancien Régime. And it’s no wonder that they now house the Galerie des Carrosses and the Académie équestre de Versailles. Located on the ground floor of the Great Stables, the Coach Gallery boasts a unique and prestigious collection created by Louis Philippe in 1831. During your visit, take a few minutes to picture Napoleon or Marie-Antoinette riding in one of these sumptuous carriages that also showcase a past century’s great feats of mechanical engineering.

Le Bapteme du Duc de Bordeaux
The Gallery of coaches in Versailles

The Royal Stables are also home to the Equestrian Academy of Versailles created by Bartabas. While you’re here, purchase a ticket for the amazing equestrian show La Voie de l’Ecuyère, before soaking up the atmosphere of the stables.

A stone’s throw from the Royal Stables, treat yourself to a leisurely break in a bucolic setting. The Potager du Roi, is a listed historical monument. This kitchen garden was created by the Sun King to supply the royal table. With its path lined with pear trees and its fabulous vegetable garden, this park is also a place for sharing and transmission, thanks to its National Landscaping School created in 1991, and its shop and bookshop.

Potager du Roi et en arrière plan%252C la cathédrale Saint Louis de Versailles
King’s Kitchen Garden

Your bucolic tour continues along the Grand Canal to the Grand Trianon. This country house was built at the initiative of Louis XIV to get away from life at the Court. The Trianon estate is a real haven of peace, a far cry from the chaos reigning at the Palace of Versailles. But it is just as splendid, with its pink marble façades and columns. Next to it, the Petit Trianon, built by Louis XVI as a gift for Marie-Antoinette, became the queen’s favourite sanctuary.

Petit Trianon
Domaine de Marie-Antoinette

If you want this pleasant moment to last a little longer, head for the shady terrace of Petite Venise, opposite the Trianon estate. Formerly a storage shed for the gondolas that paraded for nautical festivals, this Italian restaurant run by chef Alexis Donadieu offers a chance to unwind and taste the delicious specialities of Italian gastronomy.

Assiette de pâtes à la tomate et au basilic
La Petite Venise

Exploring the city of Versailles

Want to see something different? Among other activities available near the Palace of Versailles, why not try a Trip’In Trott excursion? This off-road guided tour concept is an invitation to visit the city of Versailles by scooter, for a quiet ride through the historic district or a trip into the forest and the city’s parks. Trip’In Trott offers a number of visiting itineraries, to see iconic sites steeped in the history of France or immerse yourself in the urban Versailles of modern times through street art and contemporary art.

Trip in Trott
Trip'In Trott

After a long day’s visiting, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a delicious beer. Head for the Baradoz, a cosy English pub with a Breton touch, where you’ll soak up the warm and friendly atmosphere. The hard part will be choosing from their (wide) selection of beers.

Among the must-sees of Versailles, the Notre-Dame district, the city’s historic heart, is well worth a visit. Built on request of King Louis XIV to enhance the streets around the palace, this district of lovely cobblestone streets is just as superb as ever. The marché historique, created during the reign of Louis XIV is a feast for both eyes and palate. Besides the wide variety of products available both inside and outside the market hall, this lively square is a popular place for gatherings.

Until 31/12/2025
Etals au marché Notre-Dame à Versailles
Notre Dame market

Near the market, stroll aimlessly in the quartier des antiquaires, where time seems to stand still. Renowned across France and beyond, this place is an invitation to travel through time and a delight for antique connoisseurs and curious visitors alike. In this district split into four sections (one of which is the Passage, where the Countess of Barry was held prisoner), you’ll be able to take a relic of the city away with you.

Quartier des Antiquaires
The Antiquarian district

But if you’d prefer a more modern and artistic souvenir, stop off at the boutique Capsule Market. Run by two local ladies who are cousins, this shop is a good place to admire the work of creators from all over France. Jewellery, decoration, fashion… You’re bound to find an item you’ll love!

Capsule Market
Capsule Market

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