La Roche-Guyon Castle

A visit to the Château de La Roche-Guyon in Val d’Oise, right in the heart of the Vexin Français Regional Nature Park, is the perfect chance to soak up 1,000 years of civilisation in one of the best-preserved sites you’ll find anywhere in the Paris Region.

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Built up against the cliff that concealed it from the world so many years ago, and towering over a loop of the Seine, history has certainly made its mark on the Château de La Roche-Guyon, which has had many different faces over the centuries. A simple, invisible cave dwelling at the time of the Norman invasions, it has since been transformed into an elegant 18th-century residence, and a graceful combination of various architectural styles.

A central figure in World War Two

The castle’s fortified keep, oddly located on top of the hill, has towered above the Seine valley since the 12th century. It is linked to the lower stronghold by a tunnel carved through the rock. During World War Two, Rommel knew just how strategically important the place would be. He actually set up his headquarters in the part of the castle carved into the rock, before being driven out by the Allies.

Comic lovers, meanwhile, will recognise it as the setting from one of the adventures of famous secret agents Blake and Mortimer. The series’ Belgian author, Edgar P. Jacobs, fell in love with the feel of the place, and chose to set part of The Time Trap right here in the castle.

Even today, the area remains relatively unscathed by the ravages of time and is the perfect place to enjoy a stroll.

Discover La Roche-Guyon Castle through one of the treasure hunts in the Paris Region Adventures application specially designed for families and downloadable free of charge.

And just a few minutes away by car, discover the troglodytic church of the Annunciation, entirely dug into the cliffside. A unique architectural curiosity in the Paris Region!

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1 rue de l'Audience
95780 La Roche-Guyon

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    1 rue de l'Audience
    95780 La Roche-Guyon

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