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Cave Church of the Annunciation

Not far from La Roche Guyon to the north-west of Paris, come and explore the Cave Church of the Annunciation – an incredible bit of heritage right here in the Paris Region!

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Carved out from the cliff, and the only building of its kind here in the Paris Region, a visit to the Cave Church of the Annunciation is a must. It’s just along the road from the Haut-Isle town hall where the keys are kept, with its white rock façade making it easy to spot.
The bell tower rises ghost-like through the greenery of the hill, above a bright white bed of limestone rock and the Seine flowing leisurely down below. Head through the wrought iron gate and climb the steps, and you’ll find yourself in a small, rural cemetery.
Inside the church itself, the unique nave is entirely carved out of the rock, and the bespoke carved chestnut altarpiece fits snugly into the church vault. A perfect example of wood and limestone in holy matrimony!
This unusual church, which is dedicated to the Virgin of the Annunciation, was added to the French supplementary historic monument list in 1926, and regularly holds religious ceremonies for the surrounding area.
A visit here is guaranteed to be as unique as the heritage itself!

You’re also sure to love the Château de la Roche-Guyon. Standing up against the cliff on the banks of the Seine, it is one of the best-preserved sites in the Paris Region. The perfect place to enjoy history and nature all rolled into one!

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