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A romantic night out of Paris!

Get away from it all for a romantic weekend! Paris Region is full of unusual, romantic and unique places for a magical night.
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Just for a weekend, forget about Covid 19. Get a breath of fresh air and roam the countryside with your special someone, by treating yourselves to a romantic night just outside Paris! All the necessary safety measures are in place to ensure that you can take full advantage of your break with total peace of mind. So relax and enjoy! Cupid is watching.

Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay: a spot of 12th-century courtly love

Time seems to have stood still at the heart of the Chevreuse Valley! The the Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay offers a delightful setting for a night with your beloved! Stroll hand in hand around the grounds of this former monastery and let the magic take effect!

Vue aérienne de l'Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay
Vaux-de-Cernay Abbey

Les Cabanes du moulin: a treetop getaway!

What better way to be surprised than with a magical weekend perched in the branches of a tree! The comfortable, luxurious cabins at Les Cabanes du moulin, each with its own private jacuzzi on the terrace, are perfect for a romantic getaway. Your very own bubble of happiness 7 metres off the ground!

Entrée-cabane de la clairière
Les Cabanes Spa du Moulin

A few kilometres away, try the velorail with Ferra Botanica and enjoy the unspoilt natural environment.

Courances: sweet dreams!

Nestled in the vast 60-hectare grounds of the domaine de Courances, three charming houses await you for a romantic weekend with your significant other. In former outbuildings of the château, surrounded by luxuriant Japanese gardens, you will be guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep!

Domaine de Courances

For a sporting moment, head for the Château de Cely golf course, an 8-minute drive from Courances, to hit the little white ball in an estate that is as majestic as ever.

ugolf château de Cely
Exclusiv Golf du Château de Cély

Villa de la Terrasse: indulge your senses

A welcoming guest house and a moment of pure relaxation in a guesthouse with its own authentic charm. The Villa de la Terrasse offers you, in addition to a peaceful night, a relaxation session and a Californian massage.

Villa De La Terrasse
La Villa de la Terrasse

And take advantage of this escapade to visit the Domaine de Sceaux.

Extérieur et broderies
Domaine Départemental de Sceaux

La Minotte: lock yourself away with your love!

In this charming large house surrounded by a lush garden, a change of scenery is guaranteed. Nestled in the heart of the medieval village of Montfort l’Amaury, behind a surrounding wall, the La Minotte guesthouse offers a refuge away from prying eyes. Ah, love, when you hold my heart captive in your stronghold!

La Minotte chambres d'hôtes
La Minotte

To discover Montfort l’Amaury’s heritage in a fun way, investigate the town streets with an outdoor escape game.

Escape Game Montfort l'Amaury
Outdoor escape game in Montfort

Parrot World: a night in the Amazon

A night at the other end of the world while staying in Paris Region, with a trip to Parrot World! From your lodge on stilts with its large patio door, you can admire all kinds of parrots flying around freely. They will even wake you up in the morning. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that!

Perroquet du Parrot World
Parrot World

Its neighbour, the Domaine de Crécy golf course, welcomes you for a sporting afternoon.

Domaine de Crécy

Mob Hotel, for an avant-garde night

Do you like the city, meeting people, style, sharing and excitement? Then you’ll feel right at home at Mob Hotel! A stone’s throw from the Saint Ouen flea market, it offers super-trendy rooms for a romantic night unlike any other!

La Folie Barbizon, for a truly crazy night

Experience an atypical weekend just outside the Fontainebleau forest, at La Folie Barbizon Guesthouse! A tastefully restored country house and a weekend of total immersion in the natural surroundings, full of wonderful people and pure indulgence.

La Folie Barbizon
La Folie Barbizon

And for even more pleasure, take a walk along the Barbizon painters’ trail and find inspiration as did Corot, Daubigny and Rousseau in their time.

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