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Do you like sporting challenges or just running tours? Discover the best of running races, guided tours in running mode and the best spots to run in Paris Region.
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Paris Region is ready to host the 2024 Olympic Games, foremost among which is the legendary marathon de Paris event. To put you in the right mood and in the shoes of an athlete, whether you like to trot nonchalantly or traini intensively, discover our selection of the most beautiful running races and the best spots to train. Trails, marathon or relay, running in the open air and in good company, over 5, 10 or 40 kms… Discover Paris Region at the rhythm of your strides.

The top races in Paris Region

Legendary, new or established races for moments of sport, sharing and conviviality…. Paris Region offers a wide variety of running races. Make your choice from our selection for all levels and all styles and take your position on the starting line!

Half Marathon, the start

This is the first race of the year in Paris Region, which sets the pace for the running season. On March 9th 2022 take your place on the start line to give it your all or warm up. The 21 km is the ideal distance to train before the big Paris Marathon. A race not to be missed in Paris Region!

Ecotrail, the most natural race

On March 19, 2022, the Ecotrail race will take place in Paris and the surrounding area. From 80 km to 15 km there is something for everyone. For its 15th edition, you will discover the nature of Paris Region and its monuments at a running pace.

Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, the most legendary

For its 45th edition, the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris takes place on 3 April 2022. With a start in the heart of Paris on the famous avenue des Champs-Elysées, you will begin the mythical 42.195 kilometre race at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, and then cross the most beautiful places in the capital with tens of thousands of enthusiastic participants like you.

14/04/2019 - Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris
Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Color Run, the most fun

In April, take advantage of the first rays of the spring sun to participate in the Color Run, a colourful festive and sporting event. Friendliness and good humour come together in the Parisian race that is most fun!

Odysséa, the most established

Mark your calendars for a 100% female race every year in October. Odyssea, it is first and foremost a woman’s story and a sporting and united challenge to support breast cancer research. A great race for a great cause!

Maif Ekiden Paris run, the most collaborative

This relay race in the heart of Paris is all about eco-responsibility. Over the same distance as the marathon, the Maif Ekiden takes place in a relay format of 6 team members. The distances to be covered are short so that the race remains accessible to as many people as possible. So in November 2022, we take each other by the hand and we pass the baton!

Paris-Versailles, the most royal

Paris-Versailles, the great classic of running races returns on 25 September 2022. With its 16.2 km route, from the foot of the Eiffel Tower to the Palace of Versailles, it has become a must in the Paris Region. Run in a good atmosphere and measure yourself to the challenge of the famous coast of the guards.

42e Paris-Versailles
The Paris - Versailles Race

Vertical Eiffel Tower run, the most vertiginous

The Vertical Eiffel Tower run offers you an extraordinary experience on the most famous Parisian monument! Running up the steps of the Eiffel Tower is a real sporting feat that takes place every year in March. Who will be the fastest to reach the Paris sky?

Verticale de la tour Eiffel
Vertical of the Eiffel Tower

What are the best places to run in Paris Region?

To make the Paris Region your running ground, here is a quick overview of the most enjoyable sites that are best suited to “your” running practice. Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savoury, there really is something for everyone!

Whether you are looking for performance or a place to breathe and get some fresh air, discover our recommendations for the best places to go jogging.

Tuileries Garden, the purest French style

With a total area of 25 hectares, two main straight lines of more than 750 meters on flat ground, the Tuileries garden is ideal for an interval jogging session. Take a short stride while admiring the perspectives on one side of the Place de la Concorde and on the other side of the Louvre Museum, so characteristic of the French garden… and sprint to improve your cardio. An essential program!

Jardin des Tuileries
Garden of Tuileries

Luxembourg Gardens, the most prestigious

On a 2-kilometre loop in the heart of the mythical Latin Quarter, walk along the gates of the Luxembourg Garden, then take the many alleys framed by hundred-year-old trees and statues for a masterful jogging session like the magnificent Senate building. And when a break is in order, take advantage of the famous green armchairs that are inseparable from the place. Run in one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris!

Jardins du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg

Parc des Buttes Chaumont, the most cardio

With its 1,001 slopes, the Buttes-Chaumont park is an ideal playground for training for trail running. In this romantic setting decorated with a grotto, footbridges and waterfalls, work on your legs and your buttocks by taking the hills and the stairs.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont
Buttes-Chaumont Park

Fontainebleau forest, the most varied

With its 360 kilometres of marked trails, the Fontainebleau forest is the dream spot for all nature lovers. Put on a good pair of sneakers and take one of the different routes according to your level. A 16 km loop to work on endurance and admire the splendid views, or a course of 25 bumps in the heart of the forest which the most expert among you will not fail to compete.

Forêt de Fontainebleau
Fontainebleau forest

Green Coulée, the most urban

Also called the Planted promenade, this route links the Place de la Bastille to the Parc de Vincennes. After the trains that have raced there at great speed, it is the runners’ turn to sweat at full speed. A bucolic jog in the heart of Paris at more than 7 metres high! Need to hydrate? The sparkling water fountain in the Reuilly garden is at your disposal.

La "coulée verte" à Sceaux
The Coulée Verte green corridor in the south of Paris

Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes, the most chlorophylls

The woods of Paris are perfect for both initiation and endurance! The forests of Boulogne and Vincennes offer you mostly flat terrain and circuits of up to about 15 kilometres. Take the dirt roads which are more flexible and thus preserve your joints. Both offer routes accessible to all, such as the tour of the large lake in the Bois de Boulogne or the bike path tour in the Bois de Vincennes. And after dark, you can enjoy the illuminated axes.

Quays of the Seine, the most monumental

Developed and pedestrianized, the banks of the Seine listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, have become an essential spot for jogging. Right bank or left bank, the choice is yours! Both courses offer a breathtaking view of the most beautiful monuments in Paris. You just have to look up to admire the Musée d’Orsay, the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre museum. In terms of distance everything is possible, from 21 km to train for the half-marathon to the traditional 5 km to let off steam on weekends.

Tips for a guided jogging session

With a running app or in the company of experienced joggers, discover the great monuments and small secret alleys of the Paris Region with a guide to follow in short strides!

Paris Running tour

Discover Paris by running at your own pace with a passionate and fascinating Parisian guide. In just a few hours, you are jogging, appreciating the different facets of the city and filling up with knowledge and anecdotes. Confirmed or beginner, on the way for the visit!

Paris Running Tours, joggers au Palais Royal
Paris Running Tour

Runnin’City app

Download the Runnin’City app which offers 72 itineraries in Paris Region including 3 to discover the west of Paris. Follow one of the 3 routes: Impressionist, Panoramic or Beautiful Islands in the Seine getaway in peace: the GPS voice guides you and comments on the points of tourist interest.

Runnin’City app

Bougeott app

And if you want to stretch your legs while discovering the most beautiful natural spaces and monuments of the Paris Region, don’t forget to download the free Bougeott app which combines physical activity and discovery of cultural and natural heritage. A must for your weekend outings!


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