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Skatepark in Paris Region

Skateparks, places of expression and freedom, can be found all over Paris. Find your ideal open-air or covered terrain to ride the plank. All skaters are welcome, from beginner to expert, whatever your style.
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List of skateparks in Paris Region

Find your favourite skatepark in Paris Region

Can’t beat the tarmac? For riders who spend their free time trying all the skateparks of France, you’ll need a lot of wax to cover those of Paris Region. And if you think the street is the best place to perform your stunts, wait until you’ve tried all the hotspots of the capital.

Covered skateparks in Paris Region

In winter, it gets dark around 5pm in Île-de-France, and it rains a lot more than during the rest of the year. Unfortunately, when everywhere is soaking wet, skateboarding is neither enjoyable, nor even possible. In Paris, there are skateparks open all year round that offer shelter from the bad weather.

The most popular among them is the ‘espace de glisse parisien’, or EGP, in the 18th arrondissement. It has the reputation of being one of the capital’s best covered skateparks with lighting.

The Bercy skatepark is also well known to the skating and skateboarding enthusiasts of Paris. It is currently getting a revamp and looks like a temporary skatepark. The new facility will be completed in 2024. It is partially covered, but not always lit.

Open-air skateparks in Paris

Do you prefer riding outside to reach for the clouds? You’ll be spoilt for choice between street settings and more natural spots.

Skateparks in the parks of Paris

Ideal for families with a rider in their midst, some skateparks can be found inside the parks. There’s the Skatepark de Saint-Cloud for instance. While teenagers test their limits on the bowl, younger children can have a go at skating, as parents watch over them with pride. Besides the skatepark, other activities are also available for families.

For novice skateboarders

The skateboarding world can be tough. Beginners cannot build their skills just anywhere. In Chelles, a town in Seine-et-Marne, you’ll find the Cosanostra skatepark which is suitable for novices. The obstacles are made of wood and you can take lessons with an instructor.

Skateparks that aren’t really skateparks

Paris is a fabulous playground for skateboard fans, but riders must remember that their favourite activity cannot be enjoyed just anywhere. Certain zones of Paris Region have been specifically adapted for skateboarding, although they are not actually skateparks. Rue Léon Cladel is one of them, in the 2nd arrondissement. In 2012, a skateboard zone was installed on the street. A good compromise for riders who prefer this environment. Other facilities scattered across Paris include the bowl on Square Robert-Bajac and the pyramids and ramps on Place de la République.

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