Casanostra Skatepark

Cosanostra Skatepark

Skateboarding, rollerblading, scootering… Whether on your own or supervised, take advantage of this indoor and outdoor skatepark just a few kilometres from Paris.

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The Tribe Skateboard Club invites you to visit the CosaNostra Skatepark in the town of Chelles, where you can develop or improve your skateboarding skills all year round. Courses for all levels are organised and supervised by a state-certified instructor accompanied by qualified educators and federation instructors. You can also practice on your own or participate in one of our lessons.

The club provides all safety equipment free of charge (head, wrist, elbows and knee protections), along with skateboards and rollerblades. The main goal of the skate club is to democratise skateboarding by getting young people involved in the sport and working with other skateboarders.

In order to promote a safe and open environment at all levels, the park’s features are made entirely of wood in accordance with the AFNOR standard, with 2000 m2 of space. Currently, the practice area includes the nine categories of features required for high-level competitions by the National Skateboard Commission.

In 2019, the Cosanostra Skatepark renovated and expanded its facilities to accommodate one of the stages in the Vans Park Series, an international skateboard competition. The facilities now offer 850 m2 of space, compared to the 350 m2 for the bowl that was already in the skatepark. It also has several other bowls with different depths and diameters.

The dream spot for all skaters!

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18 rue du Tir
77500 Chelles

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    Every day throughout the year. Closed on Monday.



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    18 rue du Tir
    77500 Chelles

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