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Parks and gardens in Paris Region

Looking for a little greenery during your stay? We have that as well! Besides sightseeing and the bustle of the city, Paris Region has plenty of vegetation too. Visit the most beautiful parks and gardens to be found in the surrounding area.
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Places to enjoy the greenery

Parks and gardens in Paris Region

Paris Region may be famous for its city life and iconic sights, but it has a whole array of green spaces. In these precious sanctuaries, Parisians and visitors can unwind and recharge their batteries. With its immense parks and beautiful gardens, Paris is in fact much more than a jungle of stone and concrete. Explore these havens of tranquillity dotted across the French capital and its surrounding area.

Escape from the city without leaving Paris

When you feel oppressed by the sound of traffic, the brouhaha of voices and the city in constant movement, take refuge in one of the parks or gardens of Paris. Relax on the grass and let the children loose in a vast playground… In other words, take some time out. You don’t have to go far to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

To understand what’s so special about a formal, French-style garden, visit the jardin des Tuileries in the heart of Paris’ 1st arrondissement. Head for the 5th arrondissement to stroll between vegetation and sculptures in the jardin du Luxembourg. In the 6th arrondissement, the Jardin des Plantes offers a pleasant and relaxing walk as well as a lesson in botany. The 15th arrondissement features the Georges Brassens park where you can sit on the grass by the lake and boost your Vitamin D levels. Further north, in the 19th arrondissement, the 25-hectare parc des Buttes-Chaumont is where you’ll find the guinguette Rosa Bonheur.

These are just a few examples of the parks and gardens to be found in Paris. The city boasts over 500 havens of greenery. And that’s only counting the green spaces of inner Paris.

In search of a cool haven

Scientific fact: vegetation reduces temperatures. When Paris becomes unbearably hot, go in search of a little freshness in a park, a garden, a wood or any other green space where the trees outnumber the buildings.

Better still, head for a green space with water. The bois de Vincennes, for example, has several waterside areas spread across its 995 hectares. Île Saint-Germain is an island that makes another key site for taking advantage of the cool air of the river Seine without the disadvantages of the centre of Paris.

Playgrounds for a host of leisure activities

The parks and gardens of Paris are not just places to relax. They are also playgrounds for all sorts of activities such as running, pony rides, bike rides, picnics and mölkky. Many of them have children’s play areas or educational activities. The bois de Boulogne has a number of reservoirs, one of which has enough space for boating activities. It is also home to the jardin d’acclimatation, a theme park that the children will love.

Some of the parks and gardens also host annual events. For example, the Parc de la Villette has a packed events programme, while the château de Versailles puts on a highly popular Musical Fountains Show in the evening.

Parisian wildlife

Need even more space? If the parks and gardens aren’t enough for you, try Paris Region’s natural sites. Again, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Paris is surrounded by some lovely forests that were once the hunting grounds of French kings.

So grab your hiking shoes or jump on your bike, because nature beckons. You may well find yourself in the Chevreuse valley, the department of Val-d’Oise or the Gâtinais Français Regional Nature Park. And if your heart tells you to follow the Seine, you’ll probably end up in Fontainebleau Forest.

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