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Under the Sea - Ephemera

The Ephemera team opens an ephemeral experiential restaurant in the 13th district of Paris. A total immersion in the heart of the ocean that will increase all your senses!

  1. Under the Sea - Ephemera


An ephemeral Parisian restaurant in the depths of the ocean!

At the foot of the bibliothèque nationale de France, in the south of Paris, the new restaurant of the group Ephemera opens its doors in one of the unknown rooms of the cinéma MK2 Bibliothèque. The principle of the group, run by an ambitious trio, is to plunge you into an unusual universe at an affordable price. The Parisian restaurant "Under the Sea" is a success.

**A fish and seafood restaurant, "Under the Sea" is not just a restaurant but a real experience in its own right. The group's team has come together to create something innovative, to experience an unforgettable immersive moment. The ultimate goal is to dazzle you with fabulous decorations created by a film set designer, and dishes with incomparable tastes, prepared by chef Loris De Vaucelles, a graduate of the Paul Bocuse Institute. The whole thing is enhanced by a sound and light show that will take you 20,000 leagues under the sea.

A feast for the eyes!

In a virtual marine universe made of coral, the turquoise waters surround you as if in the middle of a Pacific lagoon. Discover underwater flora and fauna for an unforgettable journey. The different paintings change during the dinner, from floor to ceiling. The aperitif is taken in the presence of whales, the main course arrives accompanied by sharks of all sizes, and finally ends with transparent and phosphorescent jellyfish circling your dessert. The final tableau is like a firework display, explosive and colourful. A magical restaurant for an idyllic moment with your partner or friends!

A gustatory dive!

Through this unprecedented experience, we also invite you on a gustatory journey with fish accras, marinated prawns or vegetable tempura. A simple menu made of quality products and fish from our French seas. Trout, sea bream or octopus will delicately awaken your taste buds. It goes perfectly with soya, broccoli, cauliflower or even salicornia. Lemon, pineapple and miso bring sweetness and acidity in the mouth to awaken your senses and end your journey in beauty.

The restaurant offers you a moment out of time, at a very affordable price, where all your senses are solicited thanks to the menu and the decor. To live this experience, book now!

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Community facilities

Access and contact

160 avenue de france
75013 Paris 13ème

Days and opening hours

All year round, daily between 12 pm and 11.30 pm. Closed from 2.30 to 7.00.



Spoken languages

  • French
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160 avenue de france
75013 Paris 13ème

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