Couple cycling on the banks of the Seine, Paris

On the traces of the 2024 Paris Olympics cycling itinerary

Watching the 2024 Olympic cycling events is good. Transforming the athletes’ journey into a cultural itinerary is better. On the programme: must-see monuments, cruises, museums, bars, restaurants, leisure activities and plenty of good memories.
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A distance of 273 kilometres and an elevation gain of 2800 metres: this is what is awaiting the future competitors in the road cycling event at the Olympic Games. Rest assured, for our version of the itinerary, your calf muscles won’t need to work as hard. Follow the road that the athletes will take to discover the surrounding sites and monuments. And above all, take your time. As opposed to the cyclists, you won’t be timed.

3.2.1. Go !

The cyclists will start their race from Place du Trocadéro. And Trocadéro implies… the Eiffel tower. There is nothing better than a trip amongst the clouds to begin this itinerary. To get to the 2nd floor, you have to go via the 704 steps. A beautiful view like this one has to be earned.

After all that effort, sit back and relax! Madame Brasserie awaits you on the first floor. A (very) local, seasonal cuisine that typical of Parisian brasseries awaits you. Perfect for giving you some strength for the next part of the adventure.

Leave the clouds behind and head down 20,000 leagues under the seas. The Aquarium of Paris, located in the jardins du Trocadéro, provides an exotic interlude to your tour. The stopover is a must-see if you’re with family.

Let’s conclude the Trocadéro tour with a passionate dive into history. At the Musée de l’Homme - Museum of Mankind first of all, to discover the history of our species. Next, at the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine - Architecture and Heritage City to immerse yourself in 1000 years of built heritage history. Two establishments sheltered in the breathtaking setting of the Palais de Chaillot.

Quicker than the Seine

At the starting line and the finish line, the cyclists will go along the Seine. They’ll only just catch a glimpse of Notre-Dame before turning off onto the boulevard.

By following their itinerary, you’ll come across Rosa Bonheur. A famous name which takes the shape of a bar this time. Located on the port des Invalides, this festive spot is renowned for its guinguette-style summer evenings. To continue through the night, you can make the most of the clubbing atmosphere in the barge next door, invested by the Flow.

Feeling tired? No problem! While the cyclists have no other choice but to continue pedaling to following the Seine, you have several options. Electric scooter? Why not. On foot? If you have time. By boat? Now, we are on to something! The selection is vast, the themes as well. Commentated tour, lunch, dinner… You decide depending on what you fancy.

On boulevard Saint-Michel

Leave the Seine and head south. On the corner of Place Saint-André-des-Arts, you’ll find the beautiful Saint-Michel fountain. Take the time to admire its statues before continuing your journey towards the musée de Cluny. Recently renovated, this site retraces 1000 years of history, from Antiquity to the Renaissance. One of the biggest medieval collections in the world is hidden within its walls. Finally, further down the boulevard, you’ll come across the Petit Journal Saint-Michel. In this jazz club, swing to the rhythm of the piano and the brass instruments. Perfect for a romantic evening.

The Jardin du Luxembourg

When you leave the Latin Quarter, take a refreshing and cultural break in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Inside the park and in the surrounding area, several places are worth the detour.

Le Bon Marché

A few minutes from the garden, Le Bon Marché is an institution of Parisian fashion. One of the city’s oldest boutiques, it is still an avant-garde location and a meeting place for all those who want to stay on top of the trends.

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche%252C Noël 2022
Bon Marché Rive gauche

Musée Zadkine

Ossip Zadkine’s final wish was to open a workspace for the general public. Today, his workshop serves as a museum. Enter the mind of this talented sculptor to understand all the polymorphous abundance of his work.

Musée Zadkine
Musée Zadkine

Musée du Luxembourg

The musée du Luxembourg was, for almost two centuries, the cultural center of gravity in Europe. Today, the museum still aims to be a place of influence, and a breeding ground for artistic discovery, all year round. To visit it, make sure you get your timing right. There isn’t a permanent exhibition but it regular proposes greatly appreciated event exhibitions.

Musée du Luxembourg
Musée du Luxembourg

Paris moves further away

Cycling past the capital’s monuments is quite enough to turn heads. But our cyclists will need a challenge, and so, the streets of Paris are not enough. Let’s head south of the Hauts-de-Seine. From Montrouge to Meudon, past Issy-les-Moulineaux, various cultural, festive or sporty spots await you in the département.

Poinçon Paris 14ème
Le Poinçon
A newcomer in the galaxy of third places, Le Poinçon opens its doors in the former station of Montrouge-Ceinture. With concerts, a bar, restaurant, exhibitions and a large terrace, Le Poinçon is a classy place!
Tour aux figures de Jean Dubuffet
Jean Dubuffet’s Tour aux Figures
Unusual Art & culture
CURRENTLY CLOSED - Head deep into the Parc Départemental de l’Île Saint-Germain in Issy-les-Moulineaux to see the Tour aux Figures, a gigantic sculpture and listed historical monument by Jean Dubuffet that opened back in 1988.
Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer
French Playing Card Museum
The Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer – or French Playing Card Museum – is the only venue of its kind in France. Head to Issy-les-Moulineaux southwest of Paris to see it for yourself! Outstanding collections from the 15th century to modern times!
Sculpture extérieure au Musée Rodin Meudon
Rodin Museum - Meudon
Art & culture
On the heights of Meudon, south of Paris, the Rodin museum is composed of two buildings: the Villa des Brillants, which was Rodin's last residence, and the workshop that houses the plaster gallery.
Le Hangar Y
Hangar Y
Art & culture Gastronomy
The world’s first airship hangar, a remnant of the 1878 Universal Exhibition, is today being transformed into a third place open to all. This monumental industrial wasteland is to become a fascinating convergence point for the arts, science, nature and…

A break at the Château de Versailles

When you get to Versailles, the cyclists’ itinerary splits in two. The women will head towards the Essonne border, while the men will go back up to make a big loop in les Yvelines. Before following the women’s itinerary, a detour is required to go and greet Louis XIV.

Château de Versailles
Five tips for a stress-free visit to the Château de Versailles
Art & culture
To guarantee a successful trip, follow our tips.
Latone et Grand Canal
The Gardens of Versailles
Art & culture Nature & outdoor
Lighting effects and optical illusions, masterful use of perspective, the sublimation of art and nature — the gardens are undoubtedly the soul of the Versailles estate.
Barques sur le Grand Canal dans le parc du Château de Versailles
Boat rentals in Versailles
See another side of Versailles aboard small boats for the most royal of outings.
Château de Versailles
Golf courses around Versailles
Nature & outdoor
Green in majesty​ !

Head for the Vallée de Chevreuse

The cyclists’ itinerary will make a U-turn in the middle of the natural regional park of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse. For you, it’s time for a refreshing walk. This part of Yvelines is 90% covered with green spaces and trees. Other than its hiking trails — to be discovered on foot, by bike or on horseback — the vallée de Chevreuse has a cultural heritage that is worth the detour.

Chevreuse Chateau de la Madeleine Parc naturel Regional
Weekend bike ride in the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse
Nature & outdoor
Enjoy the wind in your hair as you explore castles and countryside during two days in the saddle.
Domaine de Dampierre
Domain of Dampierre-en-Yvelines
Art & culture Nature & outdoor
The Domaine de Dampierre, a 17th-century treasure trove of wonderful architecture, history and nature, lies in the Chevreuse Valley, only one hour from Paris and only a few miles from Versailles.
Musée de Port-Royal des Champs - Vue des ailes XVII et XIX du site des Granges
Museum of Port-Royal des Champs
Art & culture Nature & outdoor
Discover the estate of Port-Royal des Champs in the heart of the Chevreuse valley to the west of Paris. A major centre for Jansenist thought, this unique landscaped and forested estate welcomes you for a thrilling journey through history.
Château de la Madeleine automne
La Madeleine Castle
Art & culture Strolls
With a breathtaking view of the Chevreuse valley, the medieval castle of La Madeleine is a still well-preserved testimony of the defensive architecture in the time of chivalry. A stroll between history and nature.
Ferme du Bout des Prés
At Cernay-la-Ville in the Chevreuse valley, Le Bout des Prés offers authentic country cuisine in a choice of rural or resolutely western-style settings.

Back in Paris, the last few kilometres

We have almost come full circle, but a last round awaits the male and female athletes: Montmartre Hill. Over these final kilometres, the cyclists will speed through 8 different arrondissements. But you don’t need to suddenly break into a blazing sprint. Take your time, and spend a few days visiting the various different districts on the itinerary.

Musée du Louvre
Musée du Louvre
Art & culture
Set in the heart of Paris, the former French royal palace today is home to one of the largest and most renowned art collections in the world.
Opéra Garnier
Palais Garnier
Art & culture
The Parisian temple to opera and classical ballet, the Palais Garnier is also an architectural masterpiece of the Second Empire.
Café de la Paix, Paris
Café de la Paix
Across from the Opéra Garnier, this mythical place embodies the spirit of Paris, that of the arts, fine literature and cuisine. Its magnificent Napoleon III period décor has just been restored.
Basilique du Sacre Coeur
Montmartre Sacré-Coeur Basilica
Art & culture
An emblem of Montmartre, one of the city’s liveliest neighbourhoods, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica has been watching over Paris for more than a century.

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