La Cité Fertile

La Cité Fertile

Friendly and experimental, La Cité Fertile is the venue that brings life to Pantin. A place to eat, dance and party as you wish all year long.

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Midway between an urban utopia and an experimental site, La Cité Fertile is a great place to meet and socialise, located on a former railway site just a stone’s throw from the Canal de l’Ourq.

Heading up the programme, we have the Sinny & Ooko team successfully wielding projects like the Bar à Bulles(/fr/le-bar-a-bulles), the REcyclerie and the Pavillon des Canaux.

A transitional project before the construction of an “eco-district”, La Cité Fertile is organised around working and social areas bringing together companies, start-ups, public stakeholders and citizens sharing the same wish to build a positive, happy and sustainable future.

On sunny days, on the huge one hectare site with its 200 trees and shrubs, come and play pétanque (French bowling), beach volleyball or ping-pong, read a book in peace in the shade, take the time to clear your mind and meditate in a hut, relish sandwiches, salads and grilled dishes made of organic or sustainably farmed products, and quaff a beer brewed on-site, sharing one of the large tables that are there to encourage friendly interaction.

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14 Avenue Edouard Vaillant
93500 Pantin


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    14 Avenue Edouard Vaillant
    93500 Pantin

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