Temple Rock Tavern bar, Paris

Irish pubs: the ideal place in Paris

On to Ireland, where the dark glow of beer warms the hearts of partygoers. You don't have to leave Paris to sample the flavors of the Emerald Isle. Here are the neighborhood pubs that will make your day.
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Ah, the Irish! We love their legends, their celebrations, especially Saint-Patrick’s Day, their beers, their rugbyteam… Michel Sardou sings the praises of their island’s landscapes and lakes. How fortunate that they have decided to plant some of their shamrocks in France. Discover our selection of the 5 bars and pubs featuring the distinctive accents of our Irish neighbors.

O'Sullivans By the Mill: the Irish pub that makes you dance all night long

It’s right next to the legendary Moulin Rouge. The atmosphere is less sensual, but all the more friendly. At O’Sullivans, the usual old school style of Irish pubs gives way to modernity. The bar, which is open until 5 am, is a well-known address for those who go to bed when the sun rises on Paris.

Have you already celebrated Saint-Patrick’s Day in an Irish pub? Supporters from all over France and from all over the world regularly gather in this pub to enjoy matches in full HD. And the most important event of 2023 will be no exception. Thrills and shouts of joy are guaranteed.

Happy hour, from 5 to 9 pm features enjoyable street food : nachos, burgers and tacos go very well with beer. You’ll need it if you decide to practice at beer pong.

O’Sullivans By The Mill

Corcoran's Grands boulevards: Ireland at the corner of the 2nd arrondissement

Located in the Grands Boulevards district, Corcoran’s is an emblematic bar of the Parisnightlife scene. Proudly displaying its Irish identity, it’s the perfect place to discover the Celtic charm of the Emerald Isle in the heart of Paris. Antique objects, rugby jerseys and dark wood foundations evoke thewarm ambiance of Irish pubs.

As a genuine pub and sports bar, Corcoran’s features a large selection of beverages : beers, Irish and Scotch whiskies and classic cocktails. When it comes to food, you can try fish’n chips, burgers or vegetarian lasagne.

Corcoran&%2523039;s Irish Pub Grands Boulevards
Corcoran’s Grands boulevards

The Harp: the sports bar where bad sports are not allowed

No need to wait for Saint-Patrick’s Day to enjoy Irish beer. Guinness is obviously the star of the evening. If you don’t like its coffee flavors, other drinks are available at the bar: Irish cider and classic cocktails.

Matches are meant to be shared, and so are meals. The pub has plenty to satisfy your appetite (pizzas, sausages and planks to share), since it’s not a good idea to consume only hops.

The Harp Bar
The Harp

Located in the 18th arrondissement in Paris, The Harp is the perfect pub for Celtic culture fans and sports fans. As an authentic Irish pub, it offers a friendly atmosphere where you can support the Bhoys while enjoying a Guinness.

To get to this Irish pied-à-terre, go to the place de Clichy. Here, the common language is sports. If you want to have a good evening, don’t upset the Shamrock fans. Fair play is a must!

The Bootleg bar: the party of the Roaring Twenties

Do you know the bootleggers ? These outlaws defied the restrictions of Prohibition in the USA by selling alcohol. In tribute to their audacity, the Bootleg bar perfectly captures the ambiance of the 1920s and the friendliness of Irish pubs.

When a match is broadcast, its intimate atmosphere does nothing to dampen the spirits of the audience. Fans of the French national team, the Irish team or other teams are welcome.

The pub pays tribute to the Emerald Isle with a very Irish menu: Guinness, Cooney’s cider and Irish whiskey are all on the menu. When the evening’s well underway, some get tempted to start up Baby Guinness rounds one after the other. Don’t be fooled by the sweet, nutty coffee flavor of this drink. Like all alcoholic beverages, it should be consumed in moderation.

In addition to match nights, the pub welcomes a few unknown musical gems on its stage. Perhaps you’ll be the next talent to take part in one of these open mic sessions?

The Bootleg Bar%252C rue de la Roquette%252C Paris
The Bootleg Bar

Temple Rock Tavern: beer, rock and nothing else!

Formerly known as the Guinness Tavern, this Irish pub enjoys a certain popularity in Paris. Its new name speaks for itself: the atmosphere here is electric. Rock concerts follow one another and the beer flows freely. Guiness, of course. Available in IPA, hop and cocktail versions, it’s a perfect reminder of the Irish’s longing for their native island.

For an occasional change of coffee flavor, the Temple Rock Tavern also has a few Belgian and French beers among the 15 drafts available. Both blond and dark go very well with hot dogs and other finger foods that the pub features on the menu.

The temple Rock Tavern%252C Bd de Sébastopol%252C Paris
Temple Rock Tavern

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