The Kop Bar : English pub in Paris

Enjoy the English pub in Paris

They created rugby, we transformed it. They created the pub, we adopted it. Under the colours of hops, frogs and roast beef come together. Welcome to the English pubs of the Paris Region, addresses as comforting as they are festive.
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On the pitch, round balls and oval balls pit the French against their old foes, the English. However, for a good night out, some people like to meet up in a place that comes to us from the other side of the Channel: the English pub. Born of the British passion for ale several centuries ago, pubs have gradually conquered France, to the point where they have become benchmarks when it comes to conviviality.

Here are the best adresses of pubs, bars and restaurants where cockerels and bulldogs have laid down their weapons.

At the Bombardier Charles Wells, Paris sings God Save the King

France or England? Paris or Manchester? This pub leaves us in doubt. And yet, it’s in the 5th arrondissement of Paris that the bar offers a foothold to all Englishmen, and more generally to elbow-lifters. Le Bombardier’s friendly ambiance perfectly depicts the atmosphere of British bars: rock music in the background, a lively hubbub and the faint smell of wood.

During sporting events of this magnitude, the taps are never at rest, even outside happy hour. Pint after pint, enjoy typical English beers such as cask ale or the bar’s selection of ciders.

The pub also has a restaurant area. To go with your beer, we recommend the Inkwell beef pie. In the morning, you can also enjoy the full English breakfast. And finally, the legendary “sunday roast” is added to Le Bombardier’s menu on Sundays. Legend has it that this roast beef is the origin of the nickname “rosbif”. In return, the English have very kindly dubbed us “frogs”.

The Bombardier%252C rue de la Montagne Saint Geneviève%252C Paris
The Bombardier Charles Wells

The Kop Bar Paris is swapping the round ball for the oval one

What’s the origin of this neighborhood sports bar ? A tribute to the Liverpool club. Yes, The Kop Bar Paris is all about English soccer. Reds fans, this bar will be your temple. The official HQ of the team’s French supporters, the atmosphere is electric during Premier League matches.

While the Kop Bar is a popular place to root for your favorite team, it’s also a great place to enjoy some of the establishment’s classic dishes. Also serving as a restaurant, the bar offers a menu reminiscent of some English pubs. Try the “Shankly” fish & chips with your beer.

The Kop Bar%252C Paris
The Kop Bar Paris

Frog Revolution: Paris frogs love local beers

In the 4th arrondissement, one pub sings loud and clear of its love for English culture. All year long, the Frog Revolution features the most popular sporting events.This melting pot for fans guarantees a fiery atmosphere.

Are you craving hops? The pub features craft beers. With 24 taps to choose from, the choice is hard. You have two options: ask for advice or try a new one every evening! The beer is made in France, the atmosphere is British and the food is… American. On the menu: BBQ, club sandwiches, wings and burgers will keep you going all evening.

Need some peace and quiet? Every Tuesday, the pub welcomes the Joueurs Anonymes association for an evening of board games.

The Frog Bus Revolution%252C pub anglais%252C Bastille%252C Paris
Frog Revolution

The Highlander, A little piece of Scotland in Paris

Located in the 6th arrondissement, this pub does not bear an English flag. A white cross on a blue background floats in front of its doors. And yet we can’t leave it out of our selection of the best pubs in Paris.

Under its stone vaults, cries of joy or anger don’t pass through the walls. The atmosphere is warm, even fiery when the matches are shown on the big screen. The beer flows freely. It can be blond, ale or stout. Yes, the hops here are as brown as the wood of the bar.

The finest taste buds gather on the pub’s second floor. The atmosphere, only slightly calmer, gives way to tasting. As a worthy representative of Scotland, The Highlander offers a selection of no less than 80 whiskies.

The pub also organizes events: an open mic night every Wednesday, live music on Fridays and quiz nights on Sundays and Mondays. Finally, a key piece of information: happy hour starts at 5pm.

Bar The Highlander
The Highlander

Sir Winston Churchill, the oldest English pub in Paris

Near the Arc de triomphe, the Sir Winston Churchill stands out for its radiant colors. Behind its contemporary allure, this bar-restaurant is one of the oldest English pubs in Paris. Once inside, doubt sets in. Are you really in Paris or have you landed in a colonial house in Delhi? While the interior design is unmistakably British, the menu is Indian. In the kitchen, Anglo-Indian chef Manoj Sharma blends English pub classics with spicy flavors.

The aim is rather to give you a moment’s respite, a half-time break between two match nights, while staying in the British mood. Even the best know how to take a break.

Did you know that Winston Churchill had a mistress? In a nod to his romantic escapades, the pub has a hidden speakeasy: the Doris Bar. Cocktails and jazz music await you in this cozy venue.

Pub Sir Winston Churchill%252C Paris
Sir Winston Churchill

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  • Copyright image: Hélène Tonnelier