Castle of Monte Cristo, home and park of Alexandre Dumas

Weekends around artists' houses in Paris Region

Many painters and writers have fallen under the spell of Paris and its region. Spend a weekend with your family or partner discovering the places that inspired them and where they have left their mark.
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Part of travelling around Paris Region is discovering all the artists who have lived on the banks of the Seine through the ages, in villages that even today have lost none of their charm and are nestled in the most relaxing of natural environments. In the region’s landmarks, châteaux, gardens, parks and forests, they found the inspiration they needed to transcend their work. Visit their houses and you too will fall in love with the tranquil countryside, the rich historic and architectural heritage, the ancestral know-how, and the local delicacies of which French cuisine is rightly proud. More than ever, Paris Region is a place of inspiration. So, where are you headed for your next weekend?

Famous artists' houses in Paris and its region

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