Château de Monte Cristo

Château de Monte-Cristo

In 1844, the writer Alexandre Dumas built a small castle commensurate with his imagination. This ode to the author and the art of literature makes for a delightful visit.

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At the height of his fame — thanks to the success of “The Three Musketeers” and “The Count of Monte Cristo” — and with a touch of megalomania, Alexandre Dumas seeks to escape the commotion of Paris. “I want a Renaissance chateau that faces a gothic pavilion, surrounded by water and an English park, adorned with grottos, rockeries and waterfalls.” These were the instructions given by Dumas to his architect Hippolyte Durand, who built this earthly paradise near Saint-Germain-en-Laye, west of Paris, named after the eponymous hero of the author’s famous novel.

Architectural folly

The neo-Gothic chateau, with its entirely sculpted facades, is a listed historical monument. Inside, the writer’s memorabilia is on display: portraits, letters, books and such treasures as the astonishing finely decorated Moorish lounge, where you will find the busts of Dumas’s favourite writers: Dante, Shakespeare and Molière, as well as a whole host of exotic objects brought back from his travels.

Opposite, discover the Chateau d’If, a small Gothic castle surrounded by water, that served as the author’s study. Try to identify the 88 titles of his novels carved into the facades. Devotees can complete the experience by visiting the writer’s tomb at the Pantheon.

And from April to October you can take theatrical and musical tours where costumed actors recount life in the chateau during the Dumas era.

Painters, writers, sculptors…, they lived in Paris Region. Inside the Homes of Exceptional Artists.

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