Statue de bronze "La Muse endormie" de Brancusi


Until 01/07/2024
A major event is to feature in the Pompidou Centre’s cultural programme from 27 March to 1st July 2024. Come and see an outstanding retrospective of the works of Brancusi, the father of modern sculpture.

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Want to learn more about modern art? Let the Pompidou Centre take you back to its roots. In 2024, the museum invites you to (re)discover the work of Constantin Brancusi, the creator of modern sculpture. This exceptional event will immerse you in the artist’s world and reveal his creative methods, through sculptures, records from his era and a complete reconstitution of his studio.

A tribute to modern sculpture

Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian artist who settled in Paris, left a remarkable legacy that tells us a lot about modern art. After the previous (and unique) retrospective exhibition hosted in 1995, the Pompidou Centre is once again paying him tribute. Visitors will really get a feel for Brancusi’s artistic ingenuity through a collection of more than 200 sculptures, on loan from the world’s most prestigious museums (Tate Modern, MoMA, Guggenheim, etc.). In addition to the presented artworks, the museum will exhibit photographs, films, press articles and other archive material, to give you a broader vision of the artist. For example, you can read the enthusiastic correspondence he exchanged with Marcel Duchamp, Fernand Léger and Amedeo Modigliani.

The Brancusi studio museum

The centrepiece of this retrospective is an original one to say the least: Brancusi’s studio, bequeathed to the nation when he died in 1957.

Initially comprising a single room, then two and later, three, Brancusi’s studio was much more than a creation laboratory. To the artist, it was a living space, an exhibition venue and a place to meditate, where visitors mingled regularly with artists and statues, all united in a symbiotic relationship. This vision of spatial construction, a determining factor for Brancusi, is rendered as accurately as possible by the exhibition.

An exact replica, rebuilt in 1997, is on permanent display on the Piazza of the museum, away from the busy square. As an exception, the studio will be moved to the Pompidou Centre for the retrospective exhibition. As the event’s key exhibit, it will invite us to take a contrasting look at the displayed artworks, giving Brancusi’s creations an even greater material and eternal dimension.

Idols, a modern vision

Brancusi took inspiration from his contemporaries, but also from African, Asian and Cycladic art. To fully grasp this retrospective, don’t miss Idols, a dialogue between antiquity and modernity.

This exhibition at the Pompidou Centre draws a comparison between Cycladic figurines, Anatolian statuettes and modern sculptures (Brancusi, Jean Arp, Brassaï, etc.), offering an enlightening study for art enthusiasts. These artworks may be thousands of years apart, but they have never appeared so close.
Each piece promises a moving experience. Feast your eyes at the beautiful exhibitions of the Paris Region.

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Place Georges Pompidou
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From 2703 to 01/07/2024 between 11 am and 9 pm. Closed on Tuesday.


  • Full price: 15 €, Reduced price: 12 €.


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  • French
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