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Bike in Paris Region

With the development of soft mobility in Paris Region, cyclists now occupy a prominent place in the urban landscape. Here’s your chance to get back on a bike to explore the capital and its surrounding area.
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Our selection of bike rides

Exploring Paris Region by bike

In Paris Region, soft mobility rules! Be it for a last-minute trip to the nearest shop or a bucolic ride to explore new horizons, the bike is your perfect ally. Pump up your tyres, adjust your seat, and off you go: all roads lead to Paris Region. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice, you’ll see the city and its surroundings in a brand new light.

Cycling in the city of Paris

Exploring Paris by bike

In Paris, you can go sightseeing on foot, in a tour bus… or by bike! What better means of locomotion to visit the capital at your own pace. On a bespoke itinerary you’ve designed yourself or with the help of a tourism professional, your sightseeing trip enters a new dimension. Following the smooth cycle paths or the paved narrow streets, you’ll weave your way freely around Paris to unveil all the city’s mysteries.

Between a traditional bicycle and an e-bike, choose whichever suits you best, depending on your sightseeing itinerary. You’ll find what you’re looking for among the multiple rental outlets that provide not only the bike of your dreams, but also cycling itineraries that match your preferences. And if you prefer to improvise, pick up a Vélib’ Métropole bike at one of the 1,464 self-service stations across Greater Paris. About half of these are e-bikes, so why not give it a try?

In Paris, cycling is better than the metro

It’s better than taking the underground and you can cycle from place to place without worrying about congestion, delays or some electrical failure. Cycling is a low-cost soft mobility solution that makes it easy to get around, whether it’s travelling to work, visiting a new exhibition, going shopping or popping to your local town hall.

With over 1,000 kilometres of cycle paths, the city of Paris has itineraries galore. On the road or along the cycle paths, you’ll come across other cyclists who, like you, have swapped the car for a bicycle. You’ll see, your bike ride will be as easy as a walk in the park.

Exploring Paris safely by bike

Cyclists can enjoy a sense of serenity as well as safety! To get the most out of your adventure, all you have to do is use the right gear. In addition to the bike itself, you’ll need the appropriate safety accessories: helmet, lights and possibly a compact repair kit in case you get a flat tyre. Also, the highway code can have different rules for cyclists. So make sure you’re well informed before taking to the cycle paths, for peace of mind while exploring the streets of Paris.

Exploring along Paris Region cycle paths

If you fancy getting out of the city to explore Paris Region by bike, you won’t be disappointed. Armed with a map of the Île-de-France cycle paths, you’re ready for an adventure. Between scenic routes and sporting challenges, there’s plenty to choose from. However, cycling isn’t always the best idea. Before you leave, think about your route and the road conditions. You don’t want to find yourself carrying out bike repairs in the middle of your trip…

Cycle touring in Paris Region

Continue your trip beyond the boundaries of Paris to discover the region’s most beautiful spots. Cycling alone or in a group, take to the different routes that beckon you. To get a sense of the heritage of Île-de-France, you can visit sites and tourism operators who, in addition to traditional tours, can also suggest itineraries organised by topic, for a bike ride with a cultural aspect. Château visits and tastings, exploring nature parks, visiting typical villages… There’s no shortage of scenic routes for tourists visiting Paris Region.

Stopovers for cyclists in Paris Region

The city of Paris is at the crossroads of a number of cycling itineraries extending across France. Among them is the London-Paris Greenway running between these two capital cities. From the Notre-Dame de Paris forecourt, this 400 km route takes you along the river Seine and through the Oise valley before crossing the Channel.

Another cycling adventure across Europe awaits you on the Scandibérique route, the longest itinerary in France, running between Spain and Norway. You can cover the entire 1,700 km between Santiago de Compostela and Trondheim, or simply stick to the section in Île-de-France that links Seine-Saint-Denis and Essonne.

And if you’d like to travel light, call upon a rental outlet. This increasingly widespread service allows you to rent out the bike of your choice at reasonable rates, by the day, weekend or week. Traditional bicycles for leisurely bike rides, e-bikes for minimum effort, mountain bikes for seasoned cyclists… There’s a bike suitable for any kind of trip!

Alternative cycling experiences in Paris Region

The joys of cycling can be experienced without even getting on a bike! Paris and its region have lots of alternative ways to appreciate bicycles. The National Velodrome at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines invites you to get a taste of the adrenalin thrills that come with the frenzy of track cycling, or to have a go at performing breathtaking stunts on a BMX. And to combine cycling, nature and togetherness, opt for a railbike ride to explore the countryside of the Haut Morin Valley.

Welcome to the world of cycling. Take to the cycling itineraries, the world’s your oyster!

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