Salle du Jeu de Paume

It was in the city of Versailles that the French Revolution began… Follow the events of 1789 step by step, from the convening of the Estates of the Realm by Louis XVI through to their transformation into the National Assembly.

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The Salle du Jeu de Paume (the “Real Tennis Room”) is a key site in French history and is inseparable from the French Revolution.

It was in this room, built in 1686 under Louis XIV as a sports facility for princes and courtmen (jeu de paume is the ancestor of modern tennis) that on 20 June 1789, 578 deputies of the Estates of the Realm proclaimed themselves to be a National Assembly and made an oath to not separate until they had created a constitution for France. The French Revolution was under way…
Although the revolutionaries had for a time planned to replace this room with a commemorative monument, no action was taken before 1880, when the site was made into a museum.

Enjoy a fascinating visit to the heart of these key events, from the birth of the Declaration of Human Rights to the great debates of the Assembly.
Please note that the room is not heated. Make sure you put on an extra layer!

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1 rue du Jeu de Paume
78000 Versailles

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The Entrance to the Royal Tennis Court is accessible for the disabled with a second entry: thank you to request the opening to the museum attendant.

1 rue du Jeu de Paume
78000 Versailles

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