Maison Berthillon

Maison Berthillon

On the Île Saint-Louis, the most famous of all the Parisian ice cream makers awaits you with a range of cool, refreshing flavours. Leave any guilty feelings at the door and give in to a taste of their frozen deliciousness!

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The Berthillon family story began back in 1954, when Raymond Berthillon decided to try out artisan ice creams in his café at 31 Rue Saint-Louis. They were a massive hit, and news of his success soon spread.

His grandchildren and son-in-law, Bernard Chauvin, followed in his footsteps, making ice creams and sorbets by hand to preserve their authentic taste, and Berthillon has now become a leading international brand.

The chef goes to market at the crack of dawn to stock up on fresh ingredients. Full-fat milk, cream and eggs are then transformed into vanilla, caramel, coffee and hazelnut-flavoured ice creams. These delicious flavours sit side by side with wild strawberry, pear and apricot sorbets.

Walking into the shop is enough to get your senses tingling at the very sight of the bright colours, the smell of the fruity, creamy concoctions, and the smooth, delicate taste. Take a seat in the tea room and order one of the many house specialities, such as the ice cream Tatin, Vacherin, or even their Belle Hélène.

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29-31 Rue Saint-Louis
75004 Paris 4ème

Days and opening hours

Every day throughout the year between 10 am and 8 pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday.



Spoken languages

  • French
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29-31 Rue Saint-Louis
75004 Paris 4ème

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