Espace naturel sensible de Baillon - PNR Oise pays de France

An active weekend in the Regional Natural Park Oise - Pays de France

Hop on your bikes for a sporty weekend in the north of Paris.
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Suitable for couples or families with children, take a bike ride and experience a mini-break in the heart of nature, making historical discoveries among the green landscape and travelling through the small paths and forests of the Regional Natural Park Oise - Pays de France. There’s nothing quite like it!

Day 1: a circular bike ride through history

Arriving by car or by train with your mountain bike, start your weekend at Viarmes station and spend the first day cycling a route that lasts approximately two hours, on which you’ll discover the countryside and small villages of the north of Paris.

As you pass through Seugy, you’ll first visit the historic village of Luzarches, which dates back to the Bronze Age and has witnessed many historical events, including the Norman incursions of the 9th century. On the way, you will notice some traces of these different eras: a feudal motte built in the year 1000 and still in place within the walls of the 19th century castle, towers and walls that once protected the village, and the wood- and tile-covered market place which still houses the weekly market.


In the hamlet of Baillon, a few kilometres away, discover the village washhouse dating back to the reign of Napoleon III. Continue your journey to the marsh of Baillon, a sensitive natural area with protected biodiversity. Take the time to observe the local flora and fauna, consisting of rare birds, and even dragonflies that fly over the pond.

Espace naturel sensible de Baillon - PNR Oise pays de France

Then walk along the Allée de la Reine Hortense, named after the mother of Napoleon III who frequently crossed this forest trail when she was staying at the château de Baillon and wished to visit Royaumont Abbey, your next stop.

Before entering the abbey, make the most of the pleasant lawn to enjoy a picnic under the shade of the trees. Prefer to eat indoors? If you arrive before 12:45, enjoy a light meal under the Gothic vaults of the abbey’s tea room. For those looking for a more substantial meal, La Table de Royaumont offers French and seasonal cuisine with a preference for local products (booking recommended).

La Table de Royaumont

Start your afternoon by exploring the highlight of your journey. Founded by Saint-Louis, Royaumont Abbey is an enchanting setting where you can stroll and meditate. From the gardens and the large park, admire the religious buildings that make up this complex which once housed a Cistercian community. Nestled between the trees and at the end of a charming little canal, enter the building and discover the beauty of the stone rooms and the cloister.

Abbaye de Royaumont
Abbaye de Royaumont

After your visit, get back on your bikes until you reach Asnières-sur-Oise, which is just a few pedal pushes away. On the way there, admire the architecture of the former Derolland-Delacoste factory, a glimpse into the industrial heritage of the late 19th century. Then return to Viarmes to complete your journey.

Check out the itinerary for this hike

Arrive at your accommodation at “La Montcelloise”. This bed & breakfast, located in an old farmhouse, is accredited with the “Accueil Vélo” (Cyclists Welcome) label and offers a warm welcome with cosy country décor. After a short rest at your bed and breakfast, treat yourself to a quiet evening dining at one of the charming restaurants in the village.

La Montcelloise - 10, rue du Montcel – 01 30 35 36 62

Day 2: active day in Oise-Pays de France

After a good night’s sleep, head to Viarmes’ Museum of Local History. Immerse yourself in the everyday life of inhabitants of the middle of the last century through reconstructed scenes with period costumes and objects. To make the most of the visit, don’t forget to ask for an audio guide at the entrance to the museum.

PNR Oise Pays d France Viarmes Musee octobre 2019
PNR Oise Pays d France Viarmes Musee octobre 2019

As you approach the Mont Griffon golf course, take advantage of the opportunity to have lunch and explore the golf course in an introductory session. Take a seat at the Restaurant des Lacs where you can enjoy sophisticated cuisine that is both traditional and inventive with an unobstructed view of the green.

Golf Hotel de Mont Griffon

Then, armed with your club and golf balls, why not attempt the training courses ? One day you might try the 9-hole Forest course or the 18-hole Lakes course. An afternoon combining sport and the outdoors in lush green surroundings.

All that remains is for you to get back on your bike and travel a few kilometres to Luzarches station (or your car, depending on your chosen means of transport). You’ll leave with a head full of memories and lungs filled with fresh air, until your next getaway in the Paris Region!

Golf Hotel de Mont Griffon
Golf Hotel de Mont Griffon

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