Plage de Torcy

Île de loisirs de Vaires-Torcy

If you’re looking to relax and enjoy fun activities in a pristine natural setting, you don’t need to go far. To the east of Paris, a thrilling adventure awaits you at Vaires-Torcy.

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About twenty kilometres from Disneyland®Paris and 30 minutes from Paris, the Île de loisirs de Vaires-Torcy welcomes children and adults for relaxing times and athletic and leisure activities in a natural setting. It feels good to get a breath of fresh air in Paris Region!

Looking to exercise?

Open every day of the year, the Île de loisirs de Vaires-Torcy offers amazing opportunities for nature outings with friends or with family. Whether you’re looking for a lazy afternoon, a relaxing stroll or a thrilling time, there’s something for you at the Vaires-Torcy leisure park.

Let’s start with water sports. Featuring high-quality facilities suitable for all kinds of water activities, including its Stade Nautique Olympique d’Île-de-France and its whitewater stadium, the leisure park is a training ground for high-level athletes, and will host the rowing and canoeing events for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Rest assured, enthusiasts can also try their hand at kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding (for hire), catamaran sailing and windsurfing on the lake. You can even earn your boating license there. The ultimate experience, however, is to come take on the river during a rafting session. Thrills guaranteed.

Are you more of a fan of Roland Garros or Wimbledon? Visit the Open Set area to exchange a few volleys or compete with friends in real squash, badminton, tennis and mini-tennis matches. The gym and fitness centre will let you warm up your muscles and take care of your body during group lessons supervised by coaches. A number of machines are available and freely accessible for athletes of all levels.
But wait, there’s more: Vaires Torcy also has a large pony club where you can get acquainted with horseback riding or enjoy a leisurely pony ride. 80 animals are waiting for you in the lunge ring, the outdoor arena or one of three indoor arenas. And while you’re at it, why not learn dressage or vaulting?

Looking to relax instead?

**Golf ** lovers should hit the lakeshore and visit the 47-hectare golfing area, which offers a 3-hole course, a second 9-hole course, as well as a driving range with 80 training stations, 25 of which are covered. Families, meanwhile, can get acquainted with the game on the mini-golf course set up on the grass.
When the weather is nice, come take a dip in the bathing area. You’ll enjoy all the charms of a seaside locale, including water games, an Aquapark, and a fine sandy beach facing the lake. Plenty of ways to have fun and cool off at the same time. You can even take the opportunity to enjoy a picnic by the water.

If you need to take it easy and catch your breath a bit, snack and restaurant areas are available in the leisure park.

Between the relaxing scenery, the exercise and the fresh change of pace, there’s no better option for your next outing!

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Route de Lagny
77200 Torcy

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    All year round.
    Postponed in case of bad weather.


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    • Supervised beach


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    • French
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    • WC + grab handle + adequate space to move

    Route de Lagny
    77200 Torcy

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