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Discover what cookies are and how vistparisregion uses this data.
  1. Information about cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing various information. They are deposited in the memory of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) by the server of the visited website or by a third-party server (web analytics service, etc.).
During the cookies' validity or registration period, they make it possible for your device to be identified during future visits.

Third parties may also be required, subject to your choice, to place cookies on your computer (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.).
Whatever the type of cookies, only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained in that cookie.

Which cookies do we use?

Essential cookies: these are essential to the website's operation, particularly because they allow you to access reserved areas such as your personal space or your favourites.
They allow us to remember information about the forms you are likely to complete on our website, and to adapt the presentation of our website to your device's display preferences.
Without these cookies, you would not be able to use our website under normal conditions.
Analytical or performance cookies: these cookies allow us to recognise the usage and performance of our website and improve its operation. In particular, they measure data related to your browsing (volume of traffic on our website, headings and contents visited, etc.).

These cookies are essential because they allow us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services, and even to detect browsing problems.

Social network cookies

We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information about your browsing on our website.
If you are a member of any social network, please consult their privacy policies to learn about the purposes of their use, including advertising and browsing information they can collect through these application buttons.

Accepting or rejecting cookies

You can choose at any time to accept or reject the installation of cookies on your device by configuring your browser software. You can also configure your browser so that you are quickly asked to accept or reject cookies, before a cookie is installed on your device.

Please note: amending the cookies settings on your browser is likely to change the terms of your access to our services.
If your browser is set to reject all cookies, you will no longer be able to fully benefit from all our services.
In this case, cannot be held responsible for degraded operation of the website and its services resulting from the impossibility of installing or consulting the cookies necessary for this operation and which have been rejected or deleted by you.

How do I set my internet browser to accept or reject cookies?

Configuration of cookie management depends on your browser. Below are some online help tools.
For more information on cookie settings depending on your browser, please consult the following websites:

Please note, by disabling cookies identified as optional via your browser, you will also disable all cookies used on this website, including those recommended for its operation.

More information about cookies with CNIL

More information on the use of cookies is available on the CNIL website.

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