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Equestrian activities in Paris Region

In Paris Region, riding enthusiasts and horse racing fans will find just what they’re looking for. There’s no shortage of equestrian activities both in the city and the surrounding countryside. Treat yourself to an amazing experience in the company of...
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Our selection of equestrian activities in Paris Region

Equestrian activities in Paris Region

If you thought horses and Paris didn’t go together, think again! In the city and the surrounding area, you’ll find plenty of equestrian activities for both children and adults. It’ll make their day! Sporting events, rides in the country, equestrian workshops and more. There’s no shortage of opportunities to enjoy your passion for horses in Paris Region.

A day at the races in Paris Region

There are more than 230 racecourses in France, a nation with a passion for horse racing. These enormous outdoor arenas take sport to a whole new dimension. As you admire the horses and their jockeys at full gallop and soak up the festive atmosphere of these popular events, you’ll understand why there’s so much enthusiasm for this equestrian sport in France. In Paris Region, you’re lucky enough to be able to visit some of the biggest racecourses in France and even Europe. Among them are the majestic Longchamp racecourse and the Vincennes racecourse, an absolute must.

Horse racing is both a noble and a popular sport that appeals to all generations. In the stands or right by the track, for a family outing or an experience with friends, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the races. Besides the sporting performance, you’ll feast your eyes on an amazing spectacle. A spectacle that becomes even more impressive when the horses and jockeys jump the fences one by one, cheered on and applauded by the crowd. Whether you’re a horse racing fan or a curious novice, it’s a fabulous experience.

Hacking out in Paris Region

When nature beckons, there are places to ride out within an hour of Paris. Horse riding in the forest may seem like an inaccessible joy on the outskirts of the capital, but you’ll be surprised to find out all the equestrian activities available to you. For children and adults, beginners and experienced riders, these hacks in the countryside offer an alternative way to explore Paris Region.

Whatever your riding level, you’ll enjoy the experience to the full. Besides hacking, you can also take lessons in dressage or in looking after horses. This is a good way to create a bond with the horse and establish a relationship of trust before riding out. Children will enjoy a gentle ride along the forest paths, while adventurous riders will take to the bridleways to enjoy a good canter. For a one-hour beginner’s lesson or a whole day’s riding, here’s your chance to get in the saddle and be at one with nature.

Original horse rides in Paris Region

There’s an alternative way to enjoy your passion for horses. Plunge into the History of France with a ride around Versailles in a horse-drawn carriage. The ultimate immersive experience to soak up the atmosphere of the Sun King’s prestigious estate.

Pony rides are another good way to enjoy this fabulous experience with our outdoor companions. The children will love it and will soon feel at ease with this larger-than-life experience.

And if you fancy a change from horses, you can even ride on the back of… a llama! Just an hour away from Paris, you can try this outdoor activity that’s unusual to say the least, and a delight for children and adults alike.

Fancy horse riding? Take to the saddle and head off on an adventure!

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