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The past few years have seen the emergence of a new trend towards all things vintage. With it, new boutiques selling unique items are popping up everywhere. Check out those in Paris Region.
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Where to find the best vintage shops in Paris Region?

Which vintage shop in Paris will become your favourite?

Present all over France, vintage shops are the temples of retro and second-hand items. Specialising in old clothes or new items with a retro look, these outlets resembling second-hand shops are packed with precious gems behind their window displays. No doubt about it, vintage is in! To try this new look, check out our selection of the best second-hand stores and vintage shops of the Paris Region. Each shop has its own unique collection, be it interior decoration, fashion, beauty, accessories or even craft objects.

Vintage shops in Paris Region for every preference of style

You’ll find some lovely vintage shops scattered across various arrondissements of Paris, the fashion capital. But vintage isn’t always about fashion. Located mostly in the Marais district, these unique outlets sell a varied selection of clothing and historic articles, but also retro decorative items and craft objects. The local second-hand shops are full of treasures, among which shopping fans are sure to find something they love.

Second-hand clothes shops

Tucked away in the different districts, these second-hand and vintage outlets have a unique selection of items for every budget. Keen shoppers can wander around the streets in search of stylish clothes that have a story to tell. Each boutique offers a very special shopping experience, as you hunt and bargain for that perfect item. For luxury goods, try shops like Didier Ludot, Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. or Chercheminippes where you’ll find a selection of second-hand designer garments and accessories. If it’s low prices you’re after, try bargaining at Vintage Désir, Free’p’star or even Mamie Blue, an institution among fans of the 1930s to 80s.

Vintage decoration shops

The Paris Region is a choice destination not just for vintage fashion but for retro decorative items too. The boutiques of the city’s iconic districts have a selection of interior decoration and craft objects of unique French style that each have a piece of history to tell. To dig out these exceptional items, head for the Boutique du Salon du Vintage, the flea market or the Village Saint Paul where you’ll find over a thousand shops selling antiques, bric-a-brac and similar articles. Those beautiful vintage gems can be yours!

Art & craft shops, collectors’ heaven

From flea markets to neighbourhood shopping villages, there’s no shortage of vintage art & craft shops in Paris Region. The galleries and artists from all over France ensure you’ll be kept busy looking for that special item. This is vintage heaven for bargain hunters and would-be collectors. Between the Village de Saint Paul, the flea markets and Artazart for art book fans, stroll through the arrondissements of Paris to find your new favourite object.

Shopping by the kilo

Some of the second-hand shops in Paris have adopted the novel concept of shopping by the kilo, for an original shopping experience. Fashion buffs explore them in search of vintage garments at attractive prices which are determined by the weight of the items. This innovative approach adds a playful touch to your treasure hunt… If you enjoy this type of retail therapy, head for Kilo Shop in the Marais district, where the clothes and accessories are sold by weight.

A different vintage style for each district of Paris Region

Each of the different districts of Paris has its own special charm and a whole diversity of vintage shops. Among them, Paris Saint-Ouen, Montreuil and the Marais are unrivalled when it comes to flea markets and second-hand vintage shops, offering retro fans a truly immersive experience.

Paris Saint-Ouen, where vintage rules

This district is a retro hotspot. The picturesque streets of this treasure-hunter’s heaven are packed with vintage shops, but it is also home to a flea market that nobody should miss. Whether you’re looking for second-hand clothes, old furniture items or retro articles to decorate your interior, the Saint-Ouen flea market plunges you straight into a vintage world.

Le Marais, the temple of vintage

The Marais district is truly the Parisian temple of vintage. Its cobblestone streets are lined with second-hand shops where you’ll find unique garments, designer goods and other treasures at low prices. Each shop window tells a story, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia with a modern twist. During the Christmas period, the streets of Le Marais become a magical place where shoppers can find all sorts of unique and original gifts.

Montreuil, second-hand heaven

Montreuil is home to the ultimate authentic Parisian flea market. Here you’ll find a wide variety of market stalls selling vintage articles at attractive prices. From period clothing to vintage furniture and unusual objects, Montreuil invites visitors to take a stroll and discover some little-known gems. Less famous than the Saint-Ouen flea market, Montreuil offers a customised and more intimate vintage shopping experience.

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