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Guided tour of UNESCO headquarters

From 15 €

Until 31/12/2021



Discover the headquarters of one of the world’s most famous international
institutions: UNESCO.

Your guide will take you on a special tour of the Maison de l’UNESCO (the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), with its remarkably characterful architecture at the very heart of Paris.

While telling you all about the missions, projects and impact of this specialist UN agency, your guide will show you around UNESCO’s incredible premises: the vast conference rooms, which host major international events; the square, where you can admire the famous symbolic Globe, and the concrete corridors and walkways, typical of modern architecture.

A collection of works of art by the greatest artists of the 19th century can be
admired as you follow the tour. Your guide will talk you through works
by CalderPicasso and Giacometti. (Re-)discovering these
contemporary artists outside of a museum setting, and considering their links with UNESCO’s work, is sure to be an enlightening experience.

Surprises, discoveries and education are guaranteed on this guided tour, which is simultaneously rooted in the centre of Paris and global in its outlook.

Useful information

Tickets and prices

  • Reservation with the Agence Cultival is mandatory, via the Gift
    Vouchers and Tickets section of the website, or by calling the number
    indicated on your ticket

  • Important: Please wait 24 hours after purchasing your tickets to make your reservation. Ticket valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

  • When confirming your reservation, please provide the following information for each participant: First and last name ; Telephone number


  • Duration of the tour: 1h30

  • Suitable for children aged 5 and over.

  • Guided tour: First Saturday of every month at 11:30 and third Wednesday of every month at 15:30.

  • Proof of identity required. Visitors unable to provide proof of identity
    will not be admitted. No cloakroom. No pushchair/luggage/umbrella storage facilities.

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