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Curious young minds aged between 2 and 7 can visit the Opposite exhibition to explore a world of contrasts and contradictions!

Big/little, fast/slow, high/low, light/dark…

As they head through a fun, sensory experience, children will get to experiment with these contrasting pairs in a quirky little village that’s full of surprises. They can wander where they please along the way, and visit a grocery store, home, park and school to explore opposites and their nuances through games, experiments, films, and interactive activities!

A fun and whimsical exhibition for both mind and body, letting children experience concepts that are essential to their development and their understanding of the world around them.

The exhibit

Strange school
With flimsy tables, wobbly chairs, twisted rulers and more, all sorts of silly things have been slipped into this funny old school for children to find: it’s a fantastic space for them to explore and learn about the opposites soft/sharp, clear/blurry, and straight/crooked.

Park in the sky
In this square, visitors can take a seat – upside down – in the leafy trees to view the scenery from a whole new angle. It’s the perfect space for sitting and thinking, where we take another look at the notions of right side up/upside down and top/bottom.

Washed-out house
Welcome to a house that you can visit as many times as you like to explore the contrasts between light and colours. You can even turn invisible in there! Black/white, dark/light, bright/gloomy… all their secrets will be revealed to the young visitors.

Street of mini-giants
In this street jam-packed with activities, nothing is to scale and sizes are completely topsy-turvy, with teeny-tiny buildings and gigantic pigeons. Here, we measure everything: not just size (big/little) and weight (heavy/light), but volume (quiet/loud) and pitch (low/high) too.

Orderly marketplace
In this wonderful marketplace, we get to grips with the ideas of tidy/messy and same/different by sorting, ordering, and categorising. This group activity encourages visitors big and small alike to share their experiences.

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  • Access included to permanent exhibits and events (subject to availability)

  • From Wednesday 21 July, access to the museum requires presentation of a Covid health pass for all persons aged 18 and over (TousAntiCovid app or paper certificate of vaccination or RT-PCR or antibody test) accompanied by valid ID. Verification of the certificates does not in any way provide access to medical data.

  • Only bags with dimensions less than 50 x 35 x 20 cm may be taken into Cité des Sciences. Security checks at the entrances may create queues. Pleaseplan ahead to make the most of your visit.

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