Passage Jouffroy, Paris

Passage Jouffroy

The Passage Jouffroy was built using modern techniques such as glass and iron, and was very popular from the moment it was inaugurated. It is still very popular today, especially as it houses the Musée Grévin!

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In the second half of the 19th century, galleries were all the rage in Paris, particularly in the 9th arrondissement. Pedestrians appreciated these clean, bright lanes, sheltered from the mud of the streets and the rain. The Passage Jouffroy is one of these Parisian curiosities, and its charm remains intact.

A technological feat

The Passage Jouffroy owes its name to Count Félix de Jouffroy-Gonsans, who launched its construction in 1847 using techniques that were new at the time: its iron structure rises skywards to support its beautiful pointed glass roof.

It forms a unique complex of 3 covered galleries that follow on from each other, along with the Passage Verdeau and the Passage des Panoramas. Entrance is either at 10-12, boulevard Montmartre, or 9, rue de la Grange Batelière. Between these two entrances, the architects had to build a few steps into the 140-metre-long building to correct the slope of the land.

It was restored in 1987 to its former glory.

Meet your idols

The Passage Jouffroy owes part of its fame to the presence of the famous musée Grévin at the entrance to 10, rue Montmartre. As well as the beauty of the rooms inside, everyone takes pleasure in finding their favourite personalities among the 200 wax statues. The Musée Grévin takes visitors on a journey from one era to the next, through different worlds: La Fontaine or Louis XIV, Belmondo or Dicaprio, Piaf or Stromae?

Historic Paris, Romantic Paris

Like many covered passages, Jouffroy is home to some unique and highly original shops, such as Pain d'Épices, which specialises in traditional toys. Young and old alike will open their eyes in wonder at the wooden horses, dolls' houses and touching teddy bears.

A little further on, you can admire an incredible collection of antique walking sticks, old books and cinema posters, and 18th-century antiques. There's also a tea room where you can take your time, and even a hotel where you can spend a wildly romantic night…

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    10-12 boulevard Montmartre
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