Musée de l'Illusion

Museum of Illusion

Explore the laws of perception and enjoy an amazing experience at the Museum of Illusion. After all, what is real? And what is it that fools you? Your brain won't know what to do.

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Being turned upside down. Completely turned upside down. Is the floor flat? Can we touch what we see? The Museum of Illusion offers you immersive experiences and cerebral experiences that will put your senses to the test, to your greatest pleasure.

Mural paintings in the family

Just a stone's throw from the forum des Halles, a former covered market that has become a shopping centre in the heart of the capital, the Museum of Illusion is a must-see with the family during a trip to Paris. In this immersive experience everyone will be in the same boat — you will not know what to believe. Because here you are, plunged into a world where the ceiling seems to fall on your head, where what your eyes think they see is not real, where you no longer think you can get out of a tunnel. Hold on for the ride!”

From mirages to hallucinations, let yourself be fooled

The route leads to more than 60 interactive installations. Among them, optical illusions that play tricks on your brain or collections of holograms that appear and disappear before your eyes.
For example, in the Aldebert Ames room, you will be able to outwit the laws of perception. Depending on where you stand in the room, you will appear taller or shorter. A perfect optical illusion.

Perhaps the most memorable experience is the Vortex Tunnel. A straight tube in which you will feel as if you can never get out again. Letting go will be your best ally.

Give in to surprise, and then understand

After each experiment, a rational and scientific explanation is given. It is an opportunity to learn extraordinary things about perception and the functioning of the brain.

In the museum, the smart room offers you the opportunity to extend the experience. Young or old, alone or with others, challenge yourself to puzzles, jigsaws or rebuses. The aim is to stimulate learning more and more.
Once you have recovered from your emotions, continue your cultural escapade among the many museums in the Paris Region.

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98, rue Saint-Denis
75001 Paris 1er

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    All year round, daily between 10 am and 9 pm.


    • 18 €
    • Reduced price: 16 € Adult: 18 € Child (5-15 years): 12 € Student: 15 € Job seeker: 15 € Disabled: 15 € Group adults: 45 €.


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    98, rue Saint-Denis
    75001 Paris 1er

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