Exposition Louis XV, goûts et passions d'un Roi

Louis XV, passions of a king

Until 19/02/2023
From 18 October 2022 to 19 February 2023, for the first time the Château de Versailles is dedicating a sprawling exhibition to Louis XV to mark three hundred years since his coronation.

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The young Louis XV became king at the age of five, in 1715, on the death of the Sun King and was crowned in Reims in 1722, shortly after the government and the Court had been reinstalled in Versailles. This ceremony opened a long reign of more than fifty years which saw the affirmation of the French cultural and artistic model in Europe, but also the emergence of the Lumières movement.

Nearly 400 works, including numerous masterpieces, some of which are presented for the first time in France, give us a better understanding of the personality of the man behind the monarch: his childhood, his entourage, his family and his many passions. The exhibition also reveals his attachment to the arts and his involvement in the emergence of the Rocaille style in the 18th century.

Louis XV, a passionate king

An enthusiast of science, botany, hunting and architecture, Louis XV developed his curiosity and research throughout his life. In particular, he financed great maritime expeditions, made the Trianon a garden for botanical experiments, ordered state-of-the-art scientific objects and ordered geographers and astronomers to map the country.

Deeply attached to the arts, he was also involved in the rise of the rocaille style. The famous pendulum by Passemant, restored for the occasion, embodies Louis XV's taste for the sciences, particularly for watchmaking, and for this new style which, free of all symmetry and formal rules, revolutionised 18th century artistic creation.

The exhibition also allows us to better understand the personality of the monarch nicknamed the "Beloved". Discreet and melancholic by nature, Louis XV preferred the intimacy of his private flats to public life and surrounded himself with a close circle of women and men in whom he placed his trust.
Reputed to be a handsome man, Louis XV, although deeply religious, maintained throughout his life relationships with favourites, some of whom - Madame de Pompadour in particular - exerted a major influence on the King, but also Madame du Barry, whose newly restored appartment can be visited on the occasion of this exhibition.

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From 18/10/2022 to 19/02/2023. Closed on Monday.



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