Skatepark La Fontaine de Maisons-Alfort

La Fontaine Skatepark

A free, secure, and guarded outdoor skatepark in the Parc La Fontaine de Maisons Alfort.

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Located just a few kilometres from Paris, in the town of Maisons Alfort on the banks of the Marne, the Parc La Fontaine Skatepark is entirely made of concrete. This outdoor area is open to a variety of urban sports, including skateboarding, rollerblading, scootering and BMX biking. Whatever your skill level, the spot is ideal for doing tricks or simply having fun.

In terms of security, the skatepark is surrounded by a fence with two gates, and is fitted with a remote sensing device coupled with an alarm and remote-controlled lighting system. Within a 14m diameter, the park contains a bowl, inclined planes, steps, low walls and rails. Highly popular with skating enthusiasts, benches and bins have been added to improve the comfort and cleanliness of the premises.

Located just a few stations from Paris Centre, the La Fontaine Skatepark is accessible via metro, and has become the go-to spot since it opened in 2016.

It is also a welcome addition to the other sport and leisure facilities at La Fontaine Park, including the tennis courts, the minigolf course, the track for remote-controlled cars and the children’s play area. With these options and more, there’s plenty to choose from to enjoy a leisure afternoon with family or friends.

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Community facilities

Access and contact

1 Impasse Fleurus
94700 Maisons-Alfort

Days and opening hours

All year round between 9 am and 8 pm.


  • Free


Spoken languages

  • French
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1 Impasse Fleurus
94700 Maisons-Alfort

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