Circus Les 7 Doigts De La Main

The wonderful world of circus in Paris Region

For the end of the year celebrations, the best of the world's circuses are coming to Paris Region. Let the show begin!

  1. The wonderful world of circus in Paris Region

Under the traditional big top or on stage in a theatre, the circus is undergoing a makeover. Balance, juggling, acrobatics and acrobatics are combined with sets, music and costumes that tell real poetical or incredible stories. This winter, the most prestigious companies are meeting in Paris Region to present their most beautiful creations. Something to dazzle young and old alike!

It’s a right circus!

Until 12 January, the kitchen becomes the centre of a world where anything is possible, courtesy of 7 doigts de la main. Energy, high-wire derring-do, dexterity and music add up to create the perfect recipe for a riotous evening with the whole family.

Cirque Les 7 Doigts De La Main
Cirque Les 7 Doigts De La Main
Cirque Les 7 Doigts De La Main

Sheer poetry

Until 30 December and for its last show, appropriately called La Dernière saison, the world-famous Cirque Plume invites you to discover the magical world of the forest. In the ring, the energetic skills of the clowns, tightrope walkers, balancing acts and musicians bring this new poetic show to thrilling life. A delightful experience for everyone to enjoy!

CIRQUE PLUME la dernière saison
CIRQUE PLUME la dernière saison
CIRQUE PLUME la dernière saison

In the ring with the Monkey King

Until 2 January under the Cirque Phénix big top, Les Étoiles du Cirque de Pékin perform their show recounting the famous tale of the Monkey King. Balancing and acrobatic feats are interspersed with comedy scenes for an epic and wonderfully colourful evening of journeying through Asia.

Le roi des Singe_Cirque Phénix
Le roi des Singe_Cirque Phénix

Acrobats in cowboy country

Appearing until 6 January on the stage of the Théâtre du 13e Art, the Cirque Éloize troop takes you on a trip to the Far West. Saloon is a fabulous circus show that follows our hero on a non-stop chase set to folk music and featuring acrobatic thrills worthy of the finest Westerns. Ride ‘em cowboy!

Cirque Éloize
Escarlata Circus

Demand the impossible

Pushing back the limits of gravity and the laws of physics is the exploit the Escarlata Circus troop achieves in its aptly-named show Impossible, until 22 December at Académie Fratellini. With high-wire, aerial hoop, Chinese pole and rope-climbing acts, the circus school apprentices will astound you with their acrobatic flair.

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