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Chic, daring, a perfect balance between classical elegance and a taste for the avant-garde - Parisiennes have got style. Follow their footsteps with French Touch designers.
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Between luxury names and ready-to-wear, French brands offer you affordable top-range designs. During the sales, treat yourself to the French Touch at gentle prices.

Popess of the French Touch

An emblematic figure of the new generation of French designers and a favourite among those who love on-trend, easy-to-wear fashion, Isabel Marant designs cult pieces that are world renowned (Dickers boots, Beckett platform sneakers and more).

Boutique Isabel Marant%252C Paris Charonne

The boss of the French Touch

L’Atelier français de Production et de Création (A.P.C) was one of the first brands to venture into the affordable high-end design segment. Its founder, Jean Touitou, loves quality and simplicity. Clean, straight lines, impeccable cuts, quality fabrics and affordable prices characterise his men’s and women’s collection.

Couple passant devant la boutique A.P.C%252C quartier du Marais Paris 2017.

The rocker of the French Touch

Zadig et Voltaire was one of the first brands to position itself in the affordable luxury segment with its trendy collections and resolutely “glam-rock” image. Make use of the sales to buy some of their cult pieces, Tunisian collar shirts and iconic bags.

French style dandy

The Kooples’s mixed dandy wardrobe surfs on cutting-edge rock and Brit references. Go as a couple during the sales and unearth a flowing little floral dress for her, a fitted suit for him, and jewellery to share, at easy prices.

Boutique The Kooples

The most urban of French brands

Sandro mainly targets active and trendy young women who want quality and intend to stand out. Daring and original yet comfortable to wear any day, the collection lies somewhere between the extravagance of young designers and the discernment of other brands. They also have a men’s range.

Boutique Sandro%252C Canal Saint-Martin Paris 2017.

The most feminine of French brands

The brand if you’re looking for feminine, trendy, authentic and fun fashion. Though Maje’s ethno-chic inspired collection has become more urban over time, you’ll still find that accent on a “choice piece”, gorgeous fabrics and fun detail.

Boutique Maje

French Touch brands in other Paris outlets

Our selection

Boutique Isabel Marant, Paris Jacob
Isabel Marant
Lightness of touch, freshness, vitality, cheekiness, melting pots… Just a few words that encapsulate the style of Isabel Marant, one of the leading Parisian designers of recent years, who offers a highly contemporary look for women.
Quartier des Batignolles, Place du Docteur Félix Lobligeois, boutique de mode APC, Paris.
A stone's throw from the Luxembourg Garden, A.P.C. cultivates its taste for chic and understated clothes across two shops that face each other: the odd-numbered side for men, the even-numbered side for women.
Zadig & Voltaire
Zadig & Voltaire
On the "most beautiful avenue in the world" and near the swanky avenue Montaigne, the casual-chic brand showcases its assertive style on a grand scale.
Quartier Montmartre, rue des Abbesses, boutique de mode The Kooples, Paris 2015.
The Kooples
The most hip and Brit of the French fashion brands has been dressing couples since 2008. Head to this den of style with your other half, a stone’s throw from Les Halles.
Boutique Sandro
Contemporary and elegant, this label has, in the space of a decade, become an essential reference for casual French chic.
Shopping quartier Montmartre Abbesses, Rue des Martyrs, boutique de mode Stock Maje Paris 2015
Stock Maje
Want to experience the joys of the Paris sales all year round? Then head for the factory outlets of the leading fashion labels, like Stock Maje: the kingdom of second chances.

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