Where to celebrate Halloween in the Paris Region

Pumpkins, horror and treats… Check out our chilling selection for Halloween 2021 in Paris.
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In October, the Paris Region will be decked out in the ghoulish colours of Halloween: the perfect place for a fantastic holiday! Featuring gruesome tours to experience with friends, events for you and your little ones, and quirky sweet shops to explore, this handy guide is the perfect partner when planning your trip.

Halloween 2021 events in Paris Region

Ghostly encounters, festival of fear and mystery investigations, plan your perfect Halloween 2021 in the Paris Region.

If you’re a fan of ghosts and pumpkins, then visit Disney’s Halloween Festival at Disneyland® Paris from 1 October to 7 November 2021, where Disney’s most notorious villains will be waiting for you. At the park’s most terrifying attractions, pay a visit to the inhabitants of Phantom Manor and test your nerve in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. And on 31 October, don’t miss the Disneyland Paris Halloween Party, the most ghostly night of the year, where you can enjoy fun-filled thrills late into the night.

Soirée Manoir Halloween Festival
Disney Halloween Festival

In search of even more thrills? From 22 to 31 October, Le Manoir de Paris is coming to the Grande Halle de la Villette for a Halloween Festival Manor. If you love being scared, don’t miss out on these nightmarish attractions and experiences. Repulsive and spooky creatures, five scream zones where you can shriek until you lose your voice and 4 haunted houses… if that doesn’t scare you, nothing will! But don’t worry, you can catch your breath at the food stands… before doing it all over again!

Manoir Halloween Festival - evening entry ticket

For little ones, visit Parrot World in the east of Paris during the October holidays in 2021. Here they can meet the scariest little creatures from around the world, follow in the footsteps of the mysterious feathered serpent, a sacred animal in Native American mythology, on a lively treasure hunt, or introduce them to the art of origami for a quieter option. And as a bonus, we’ll let you in on a secret: entrance to the park is free for children in fancy dress up to 11 years of age. It’s the perfect time to discover this fabulous animal park!

During the holidays, the Château de Monte Cristo, home of Alexandre Dumas, the prolific author of novels such as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, invites children to take part in treasure hunts and investigations around the castle, with riddles and clues to help them unravel the mysteries it holds. On 26 and 27 October, these events are themed around Halloween. Remember to book quickly!

Fans of a Gothic atmosphere should head straight to Père Lachaise Cemetery. Visites-Spectacles will take you on a two-hour investigation led by an actor. Naturally the plot is based on the story of a murder, that of a student found lifeless on the grave of Jean de la Fontaine. Can you help the Commissioner to solve this mystery and find the culprit? A unique family-friendly tour offers a different way to explore this cemetery, a true open-air museum, where you can find the gravestones of famous artists, from Oscar Wilde to Jim Morrison.

Affiche promotionnelle des Visites Spectacles Paris 2016
Visites Spectacles

You’ll find a more poetic and family-friendly atmosphere at the Dampierre-en-Yvelines estate where autumn is celebrated by illuminating the gardens in Halloween colours during the October holidays. Take advantage of your visit to ride in a horse-drawn carriage, electric buggy, boat or pedalo.

On 31 October, get ready for a thrilling day at the Parc Zoologique de Paris. Dragons, fauns, giant insects and fantastic creatures will invade the park for an unforgettable day. Don’t miss the big parade at 3pm!

Parc zoologique de Paris - Girafes
Parc Zoologique de Paris

From 28 to 31 October, Tootbus Paris is taking you on a special tour of the capital for little monsters. On the programme: the possibility for children to come in costume, a funny guide and a distribution of sweets. Don’t forget to book your tickets now.

Are you a fan of thrillers and murder stories? This autumn, the Conciergerie de Paris challenges you to find the culprit of a crime that occurred within its walls. A murder party for the whole family in the impressive setting of a famous Parisian historical monument.

Scare yourself silly in the Paris Region

Halloween isn’t the only time of the year to give yourself goosebumps. Discover the must-see places in Paris Region for those who want to tremble with terror!

What better way to frighten yourself than going underground to discover the world’s largest grave? In the heart of Paris, visit the legendary Catacombs that were built in the 18th century to house the remains of several million Parisians once buried in the Saints-Innocents cemetery, located in what is now the Les Halles district. In the 800 metres of tunnels, you will see their meticulously stacked skulls, femurs and humerus bones. An activity that will appeal to fans of skeletons and other bone-chilling atmospheres.

Catacombes de Paris
Paris Catacombs

Are you ready to put your bravery to the ultimate test? Then head into Le Manoir de Paris to experience fear… real fear. In this former pottery store, you’ll be transported into a real horror film with mind-boggling special effects. Immerse yourself in the French capital’s most horrifying stories and relive the ultimate funfair haunted house experience. Get ready for nightmares! (Not recommended for children under 12 and pregnant women are not admitted)

Le Manoir de Paris
Manoir de Paris

Thrill-seekers can also test their nerve in the chilling atmosphere of Dark Dreams Paris (9 years and over). Located in Montreuil, this haunted show promises spine-tingling scares and frightful surprises in the immersive and interactive setting of a 1,000-m² labyrinth. Do you dare?

A few kilometres outside Paris, the Alfort National Veterinary School houses within its walls one of the oldest museums in France and undoubtedly one of the most unusual. The Musée Fragonard displays the skeletons of animals intended for comparative study, alongside anatomical items with abnormalities. But the real highlight are the famous flayed figures, real human bodies dissected in the 18th century and preserved in poses as theatrical as they are frightening. Not for the faint-hearted!

Ghoulish tales of Paris

Although for many it’s the ultimate romantic destination, Paris hides the darker side of its history in its shadows and back streets. Head here to discover some of its most gruesome tales.

If you enjoy mournful tales, the City of Light invites you to discover its dark side.

As you walk around the centre of Paris, go through the gateway of the Square du Vert-Galant. Situated at the tip of the romantic Île de la Cité, it hides a terrible secret. It was actually on this spot in 1314 that the last masters of the Knights Templar were burnt at the stake. Legend has it that the two condemned men cursed the French king Philip the Fair over thirteen generations as they were being burnt alive.

It is also said that in the Middle Ages, Denis, the first bishop of Paris, was beheaded in Montmartre, then marched to the north of the capital carrying his head under his arm. He collapsed after six kilometres, taking care to entrust his skull to a devout woman who was there. To find out about this story and the stories of the French kings, visit the Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis built on the very spot where the bishop fell. The monument contains the recumbent statues and tombs of numerous French rulers. Take a guided tour or get an audio guide and find out little anecdotes about the lives of these leading figures.

Facade Nord Basilique Cathédrale de Saint-Denis 93
Saint-Denis Basilica

Do you know the most famous character from the Opéra Garnier? Immortalised by the pen of Gaston Leroux, the Phantom of the Opera originated from a love story between a pianist and a ballerina killed in a fire. The young man, disfigured by the flames and mad with despair, then wandered the cellars of the opera house. Now a legend, it is said that Box 5 is still left empty for him. Dare you come and meet him?

Opéra Garnier Sophie Dos Santos
Palais Garnier

Trick or treat?

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without its fair share of treats in countless shapes and colours. But remember to look after your teeth!

A real Aladdin’s cave, “Le Bonbon au Palais” takes you on a tour of French confectionery through a selection of the country’s finest marshmallows, hard-boiled sweets, pralines and toffees. A truly Parisian institution, “À la Mère de Famille” located near the Grands Boulevards will take you back in time with its stalls filled with chocolates, marzipan animals and bags of toffees. And finally, at “Käramell” in the 9th arrondissement, try Merlin’s Pills with their amazing powers!

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