Gachon Pothier

Gachon Pothier

Gachon Pothier offers jewellery imbued with the spirit of voodoo charms and talismans, as well as an array of equally hippie chic decorative items.

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The brand takes its name from the respective grandparents of its two founders, Alexandrine and Florence, who, became instant bosom buddies a few years back, having shared a background in the world of interior design.

Together, they took the plunge into a new professional venture, creating a little ethnic interior design shop, near the marché des Enfants Rouges, selling Turkish kilims and Berber rugs, traditional basketwork, tribal cushions, Irish tartans, linen bedsheets, etc. The product range was as carefully selected as it was bohemian, and was gradually enriched with their very own jewellery, which proved a roaring success and is now highly sought-after! Each piece of jewellery is unique, made on the spur of the moment and never duplicated or based on a design.

The two women share astonishingly similar tastes and know-how, both being fans of coloured stones and knotting. Apart from rings and necklaces, their speciality is bracelet wraps, oozing with colours and trinkets. Their singularity is truly magical!

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26 rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris 3ème

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    Every day throughout the year between 12 pm and 7 pm. Closed on Sunday.



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    26 rue de Saintonge
    75003 Paris 3ème

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