Domaine Royal de Marly museum

The museum at the Domaine Royal de Marly plunges you into the hushed atmosphere of Louis XIV's private residence near the Palace of Versailles to the west of Paris.

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Discover the Domaine Royal de Marly Museum: Louis XIV’s intimate residence where only a few officials were privileged enough to be received.

The museum tells the story of this chateau with unusual architecture and 12 pavilions around a 13th (which was, of course, the king's), while the different works on display, furniture, paintings and models explain the symbolism of the buildings and the layout of the gardens in relation to the remains visible in the park.

This hunting residence was also a “water palace”: the garden fountains were fed by the Marly Machine, which was at that time considered to be the “8th wonder of the world”. The tour reveals the secrets behind how this machine operated. It had a gigantic wooden mechanism that pumped water from the Seine and transported it almost two kilometres further to supply water to the Marly gardens and then to Versailles. A technical feat like no other!

The rest of the tour is devoted to the intimate atmosphere of Marly, its unique way of life, what it was used for and the great historic figures who made their mark here such as the Dauphin, Princess Palatine, Madame de Maintenon and the Duke of Orléans.
The tour also examines what happened to the estate from the death of Louis XIV in 1715 to the present day.

End your visit with a virtual reality experience and relive the solar eclipse of 6 May 1715 which Louis XIV attended in Marly. You’ll feel like you were there!

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1 Grille royale - Parc de Marly
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      • Adult and child group rates: Adult groups: € 7 / person if a group of 7 to 12 people / € 5 / person if more than 12 (and up to 25) // Child groups: it is a flat rate depending on the chosen activity (guided tour: € 75 for the class, workshop visit: € 220) - Adult group package: guided tour: € 130 / Sunday € 150 (to which the individual entrance fee must be added) - Bulk ticket office: for works councils: tickets to the Domaine royal de Marly museum if grouped purchase ≤ 70 places: 6.00 / from 71 places: 5.50 €.


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