Au-Dessus, Sur l’Etagère du Haut

This jam maker creates and produces artisanal jams and homemade sorbets using unexpected blends, with no preservatives or artificial colouring.

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Nathalie Macker creates and produces exceptional preparations using seasonal fruits, picked when they’re fully ripe to ensure the best taste.

It was in 2009 that Nathalie first started making all-fruit sorbets, a logical extension of her work preparing fruit to create jam. With 60 or 70% fruit, sugar and water, and a little carob seed flour to prevent the sorbet from solidifying, she offers a simple and effective mix of ingredients. No milk, no cream, no egg. All the necessary pulps are prepared on site. The blend of tastes and inspiration comes to her during this famous and essential preparation process. For example, you might enjoy a rhubarb jam with elder flowers spread across your morning toast, then cool off in the afternoon with these same flavours as part of a sorbet. Apples with chestnut honey, pears with acacia honey, rhubarb with elder flowers, and plums with Milly-la-Forêt mint are among the twenty flavours on offer.

Prepared in her Boutigny-sur-Essonne workshop in the south of Paris, Nathalie’s jams and sorbets are sold in several outlets in Paris Region, but also on-site by reservation. A list of outlets and events where you can find these products can be viewed on the website.

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31, Rue des Grouettes
91820 Boutigny-sur-Essonne



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    31, Rue des Grouettes
    91820 Boutigny-sur-Essonne

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