A Passage to Bollywood

A Passage to Bollywood

With its dazzling choreography, rhythmic songs, colourful costumes, dramas and romances… A Passage to Bollywood enchants the Salle Vilar de Chaillot - National Dance Theatre, from 11 to 25 December 2021!

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Between Bombay and Hollywood, there is… Bollywood, its shimmering colours and glitter, its frenzied rhythms, its dramas and its love stories that end well!

Bollywood arrives in Paris on the stage of the National Dance Theatre

After playing more than a hundred times around the world since its creation in 2015 and enchanted international stages in Canada, China, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, Bahrain and Mexico … the show A Passage to Bollywood now arrives in France for our greatest pleasure. It’s at the National Dance Theatre with the Eiffel Tower as its neighbour, that it’s happening!

Although little shown in France, around 200 films are produced by Bollywood each year. These musicals are the meeting point between tradition and innovation, which tirelessly irrigate Indian society. The electrifying rhythms, the great ensemble choreographies, the frenzied rhythms, and the bright colours lend themselves wonderfully to the theatrical setting and it is the somewhat crazy bet that the choreographer Ashley Lobo brilliantly takes up here.

A Passage to Bollywood achieves the feat of mixing Indian classical dance and the energy of current choreography. The story follows the plot of a cinemascope production, the story of a young boy leaving his village and discovering Mumbai, the mirage city. From encounters to romance, this choreographic magic is a pleasurable dive into the kitsch and exuberance of Indian cinema, with the added bonus of a rather surprising epilogue. The profusion of colours, the great choreographed ensemble movements, the many twists and turns and the exacerbation of feelings make A Passage to Bollywood an extremely entertaining and exotic show to discover the revival of traditional Indian dances, at the crossroads yoga, relaxation therapy and spiritual experience.

The Navdhara India Dance Theatre is one of the few professional companies in India. With this show, it gives us a moment of pure happiness for the end of year celebrations, like a foretaste of travel when international borders have been closed for so many long months!

The Paris Region puts on its suit of lights for the end of the year celebrations. Discover our selection of the most beautiful shows and musicals for your entertainment.

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1 place du Trocadéro
75016 Paris 16ème

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From 1112 to 25/12/2021. Sat 11 Dec - 8.30pm Sun 12 Dec - 3.30pm Tue 14 Dec - 8.30pm Wed 15 Dec - 8.30pm Thu 16 Dec - 7.30pm Fri 17 Dec - 8.30pm Sat 18 Dec - 20h30 (Screening with audio description and tactile visit) Sun 19 Dec - 15h30 (Screening with audio description and tactile visit) Tue 21 Dec - 8.30pm Wed 22 Dec - 8.30pm Thu 23 Dec - 7.30pm Fri 24 Dec - 7.30pm Sat 25 Dec - 5pm.


  • From 8 to 43 euros.


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  • French
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